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Already Gone?

Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009 3:56 AM

According to the Washington Post, President Bush's final news conference on Monday was so sparsely attended that the last two rows (out of seven) had to be filled by White House interns.

And then there was Bush's exit, stage right as he concludes the news conference. The press corps starts to rise, a few of them begin to applaud ... but Bush is already gone.

Sarah Palin is not only grousing about the media, but about the media taking rumors from 'anonymous bloggers' as gospel truth, specifically, rumors about Trig's parentage. Except the media never reported that item as anything but an unsubstantiated rumor.

Palin also derided critics for making fun of her claim that you can see Russia from Alaska. Well, yes, you can - in a hazy sort of way if you're standing on Little Diomede island (which Palin has never visited). And it wasn't the geographical trivia that was being disputed - it was that you used that to claim national security experience in a rambling, incoherent sentence about 'Putin's head rearing up and ... where does it go?'

Face it, Sarah: Katie Couric - hardly a torch carrier for liberals - threw you softball questions, and you couldn't answer them, coherently or otherwise. That wasn't because the media was playing 'gotcha,' it's because you're a clueless tart who expected to be fawned over on the basis of a wink and some lipstick.

Former BART Police officer Johannes Mehserle was taken into custody last night, after a warrant was issued by the Alameda County District Attorney.

Mehserle was in South Lake Tahoe and surrendered to police. He is being held without bail and under suicide watch. An extradition hearing is slated to take place later today, as well as a news conference from the Alameda County D.A. - presumably to announce the specific charges against Mehserle.

Nonetheless, I'm still puzzled - phone threats aside, why was the suspect in a possible murder allowed to cross state lines? Are we to believe that this was on the advice of his legal counsel, or that the Oakland Police had no issues with Mehserle skipping out of their jurisdiction, let alone the state?

The United States Congress now has a YouTube page, where both House and Senate members can post videos.

Among the first to do so was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who posted a cute little video of cats cavorting about her office.


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