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At Least ...

Friday, Dec. 05, 2008 3:54 AM

The latest meme from former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan is, '... at least Bush kept us safe.'

You mean, 'Well, while Bush trashed constitutional protections, altered posse comitatus, conducted illegal wiretaps, started a botched war on false intel, approved policies on torture, and sank our economy, at least he kept us safe.'

Have we caught bin Laden? Prevented turmoil in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Engaged Iran or North Korea in a dialogue to curtail their nuclear ambitions?

And how does invading a country that was not involved in the events of 9/11 constitute 'keeping us safe'?

History will find that Bush did what he has always done - a half-assed job, and depend on others to clean up his mess. (And given that Henry bin Paulson hasn't finished spending $700 billion - for all the good it's done, he might as well be spending it on cheap hookers and blow - the book isn't even closed on the Bush years.)

Ultimately, it's a bad sign when evangelical pastor Rick Warren has to invent a medal in order to award George W. Bush anything other than a Boot to the Head.

But that's how Bush became the first recipient of the International Medal of PEACE. (Which is a tortured acronym for 'Promote reconciliation, Equip servant leaders, Assist the poor, Care for the sick and Educate the next generation.' So it should really be PRESLAPCSENG, or something like that.)

Never mind that Bush hasn't promoted anything along the lines of reconciliation, hasn't equipped anyone (even with his faith-based nonsense), done nothing but piss on the poor, cut healthcare for kids, and saddle us with meaningless testing instead of actual education.

But go ahead, Pastor Warren. Staple your faith to a liar and an unmitigated failure. It's sure to improve your stock.

"I think that in the West sometimes blogging is an excuse for sitting back and just commenting on life as it passes by and putting out your opinions on what is happening. Sometimes those are interesting, but not always. And the truth of the matter is I do not believe, no matter how sophisticated the delivery platform, I don't think there is a substitute or should there be a substitute for professional journalism, which comes with training, with experience, with credibility, with developing trust based on the accuracy of your record in the field. I think that is an absolute must. That must stay with us so that people have an accurate and objective reference point for their information," said CNN's Christianne Amanpour in a recent

Accuracy of your record in the field. Ooookay. It's not like the media has done particularly well with the facts during the Bush Administration, and when CNN has 'comedian' Glenn Beck wasting breathable air, maybe you need to check your aim before lobbing rocks at bloggers.

And San Francisco's Catholic Archbishop believes religious leaders have a constitutional right to comment on public policy, claiming that silencing such voices would have had a detrimental effect on abolition and civil rights.

And it's so much easier when one can say same-sex marriage isn't a case of civil rights, but God's Will, right, Archbishop?

Incidentally, Archbishop Niederauer used to be a bishop in Salt Lake City, and played a key role in getting people from Utah to chip in their money for a ballot issue in California.

Not to mention the defense for the religious stance against same-sex marriage is distilling down to 'well, other people backed it, too!' - an excuse that every parent has heard, and routinely refutes as being valid.

This kind of hypocrisy will destroy Christianity in the end.

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