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Just to the Right of Crazy

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008 3:55 AM

From the Crackpots on the Right Department comes Rep. Paul Broun, who expressed concerns about a proposal by Sen. Barack Obama to create a new civil service corps. Broun interpreted that as a 'national security force' and noted, "That�s exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany, and it�s exactly what the Soviet Union did. When he�s proposing to have a national security force that�s answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he�s showing me signs of being Marxist.�

How about you think about the Bush Administration's plan for Total Information Awareness and recruiting truck drivers and letter carriers as civilian spies, look up the term Chekist, and get back to me, Congressman?

Then, over on the right (yes, we're moving further to the right, and further into loony-tunes crackpot land), there's Cynthia Dunbar of the Texas State Board of Education, who believes that Obama is secretly plotting to overthrow America and fears he will declare martial law to expand his power.

Dunbar refuses to apologize, claiming her opinion is protected by the First Amendment.

My opinion is that Dunbar doesn't belong anywhere near anything dealing with education, as she clearly lacks even a nodding aquaintance with something called facts.

And I've asked the question before, but why is it that the loony-tunes brigades on the right believe anyone, even a politician as popular as Barack Obama appears to be, will wave some kind of magic wand and transform America into the United States of Islamica?

You're all going to just hand in your Bibles, turn your parish church into a mosque, and dress your wife and daughter in burqas when they tell you to, right?


When did faith come to mean abandoning reason? If it's all about spiritual feel-goods, then aren't you just ripe pickings for Satan? Shouldn't faith and reason walk hand-in-hand?

Regarding a bailout for the auto industry, what's their excuse? There was plenty of blame-shopping for the financial industry, from poor people, to the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, to Fannie & Freddie ... and with executives begging for a handout while holding retreats at posh resorts.

So, now, here's the auto industry joining the queue. There's no question that having one of the big three go under would be a devastating blow to the economy, but who's responsible for the problems? People who aren't buying American? Car companies who kept building bigger and less fuel-efficient SUVs?

Some perspective - just here within the Bay Area, several Ford dealerships have closed their doors, including Wilson-Cornelius in Vallejo, and the dealerships in Fairfield and Vacaville. Wilson-Cornelius and the Fairfield locations were pushed by the corporation to move into shiny new digs. Paying for that on top of flagging sales meant those dealers had to close up shop.

So who's to blame, and who's sitting on Henry Paulson's lap asking for a Christmas present again?

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