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Chickens Can't Get Married, Either

Friday, Nov. 07, 2008 4:22 AM

I don't know many mothers who carry their children the way Sarah Palin lugs around her son, Trig - draped over her left arm like he was a badly-packed bag of groceries.

Isn't it usual to hold your child facing you and using your arms to cradle them?

Another item from the Bag of Hammers Rumors about Palin is that her $150,000 shopping spree was considerably more than that, and that it included clothes for her husband and children.

One detractor described it as a bunch of, 'Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.'

I voted against Proposition 8, for the simple reason that it's discrimination, period.

But a phrase that's being tossed around now is, "Chickens have more rights than gay people," because Proposition 2 passed. Which is idiotic on its face, because people are not chickens, and a cramped, smelly cage is not discriminating against a chicken.

So, please, enough of that analogy. Let's keep the focus on the very real issue of humans discriminating against humans, and leave the barnyard animals out of it.

I am more than a little surprised at the number of 'liberals' who, now that Obama has won the election, are starting up with a, "... don't fuck it up, boy!" refrain, nitpicking about how he needs to get off to a running start and pick a good cabinet.

Which is exactly what the man is doing. He's chosen a chief of staff, a personal advisor, and a media liaison. He's gotten his first national security briefing, and he's holding a news conference later today.

I don't think he ran that hard, that fast, for two years only to cross the finish line and collapse in a heap.

When he starts making bad decisions, then you can jump on him.

It turns out that Joe the Plumber knows all about sharing the wealth, because he's been on welfare.

What's this shit about taking money from people who earn it and giving it to people who haven't? Not to mention, you're still a deadbeat who owes back taxes, so you couldn't even give back to the system that helped you?

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