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McCain's Planetarium FAIL

Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008 3:55 AM

Before I get to any other comment about last night's final debate between Senators Obama and McCain, I have one thing to say to John McCain.

The star projector at the Adler Planetarium is NOT an overhead projector.

In one sentence, you've told me that you don't know anything about science, you don't give a shit about education, and you aren't interested in facts - because numerous scientists and the Adler Planetarium offered a correction to your statement the first time you made it.

You'd rather have a one-liner to fire off, no matter that it's based on a mistake on your part. This is not the kind responsible, mature leadership that we need after eight years of a smirking frat boy driving this country into the toilet.

Not that there was any more substance elsewhere in the debate. After promising that he'd bring up the subject of William Ayers, McCain had nothing. No question. Nothing to confront Senator Obama with. No proof to lay before the American public.

Just the same weak line they've been tossing about for nearly a month. Blah blah blah questions about his honesty blah blah blah.

If McCain has proof that he's told a lie or misrepresented his relationship with William Ayers, let's have it.

Apparently, it's like his repetitive insistence that he knows this, knows that, understands such-and-such, has a plan to fix this or that. There's nothing there.

In response to Senator McCain's accusation that he supported late-term abortions because he didn't vote in favor of the ban, Senator Obama pointed out his objection was because the measure did not include provisions for the health of the mother.

To which McCain smirked and quipped that (air quotes) 'health of the mother' could mean anything.

Apart from the blistering ignorance and insensitivity demonstrated by that statement, when your running mate has a developmentally-challenged child, and her teenage daughter is two-thirds to term, you'd think Senator McCain would be more informed about the health concerns of pregnant women.

McCain's other major fail was to imply that the tone of his campaign was entirely because Obama didn't agree to a series of 'town hall meetings,' a notion that Obama rightly criticized.

McCain also chose to grouse about Rep. John Lewis' comments comparing recent McCain/Palin rallies to the worst of the segregation era - the divisive politics of George Wallace. But of the tone which prompted the comment, or of the cries of 'kill him' and 'terrorist' elicted by their remarks ... nothing.

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