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Monday, Oct. 13, 2008 7:02 AM

The panel investigating 'Troopergate' released its report late Friday afternoon, and it hadn't even hit the floor before the McCain/Palin Campaign was spinning it into a 'not guilty' verdict.

Unfortunately, that's not what the report says. The panel's findings affirm that the dismissal of the public safety commissioner is within the purview of the governor. That doesn't specifically mean Sarah Palin; it means anyone elected to the office of governor of the state of Alaska, and whomever holds the office of public safety commissioner.

The report then concludes that Sarah Palin did, in fact, abuse her powers under the provisions of Alaska's ethics law, which holds its legislators to specific standards.

John McCain tried to dial back the hatred his campaign has stirred up over the past week, correcting one woman who asserted that Obama was an Arab and a terrorist by saying that Obama was neither; he was a decent family man.

Which, of course, set off a new furball, because the implication is that Arabs aren't decent family folk.

Meanwhile, McCain Campaign spokesman Rick Davis was on the Sunday morning news show circuit and explained that McCain couldn't possibly be a racist, because he was a POW, and thus languishing in a cell while George Wallace was busy hate-mongering here in the states. And the chair of the Virginia GOP told volunteers they should emphasize the Obama = Osama meme.

McCain's response to the latter was to mumble something vague about how he doesn't really know if there's merit to the statement or not.

Then there's the smiling face of a gentleman at a Palin rally. He thought it would be cute to take a stuffed monkey and put an Obama bumper sticker on it. Wave it around a bit.

Until he noticed he was on camera. And then, he takes the sticker off and hastily gives the toy to a nearby child, whose parents said they didn't know the gentleman.

Apparently, the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers thought it'd be really nifty if Sarah Palin dropped the puck at the home opener. Cause she's a hockey mom, dontcha know.

Palin was warned that the home crowd might actually boo her - they've even booed Santa Claus - so Palin's genius plan was to put her daughter Piper in a Flyers' jersey. That'd win 'em over.

Wrong. She still got booed.

Palin's bizarre response? "How dare they boo Piper!"

On Friday night, someone went through the neighborhood and removed all the 'No on Proposition 8' signs, including the one in front of our house.

The ads promoting Proposition 8 whine about how the courts ignored 4,000,000 voters, but it's perfectly fine to go around ripping out yard signs because you don't agree?

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