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Suspended Animation

Friday, Sept. 26, 2008 1:26 PM

So after John McCain's, 'I'm suspending my campaign' stunt went absolutely nowhere (it helps, genius, if you actually suspend your campaign), and his amazing trip to Washington to 'help' also went absolutely nowhere, he's decided to participate in tonight's debate between himself and Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, embarrassed herself again with a rambling, near-incoherent answer as to how Alaska's proximity to Russia imbues her with foreign policy experience.

Come on, you're facing Katie Couric, a woman who isn't exactly a female Edward R. Murrow, and who has dutifully peddled her share of Republican talking points.

And you can only manage to sound confused?

Some thoughts on the 'bailout':

- Let's not be fooled by the plan, which is to restore financial institutions' insolvency by sucking up their bad investments and leaving them with nothing but shiny goodness. If we're going to invest close to a trillion dollars, I think the American people should come away with something other than a soggy bag of shit.

- Democrats have been loosely talking about 'oversight,' but what we need are regulation and oversight. It's not about who started it - it's about demonstrating fiscal responsibility in a deregulated industry, and if such is found lacking, then applying regulation and oversight to assure that Americans aren't losing their homes and retirement savings while those responsible walk off with million-dollar thank-yous.

- Put the kibosh on executive compensation and golden parachutes. Nobody gets a thing, especially if you're associated with any financial institution taking even a drop of the taxpayer's money. Lavish parting packages are nothing new - even in the 80's, executives could trash their company's stock price and walk away with a million dollar severance, million dollar bonus, and six-figure pension for being a fuckup. (Hello, Paul Lego, former CEO of Group W Television, we're talking about you.)

- Let's do the math. Henry bin Paulson and Ayman al-Bernanke are busy telling us that unless we fork over $700 billion, the American economy is going down in flames, and that nothing less will do. And I ask again, this is fiscal responsibility? Throw a trillion dollars down the hole without any oversight?

- Forget George W. Bush. His record of managing companies is 0-3. He couldn't even handle a baseball team. And we expect he knows what to do in this situation? To wit, his amazing observation that if we don't act now, 'this sucker's going down.' (Just remember who's in the saddle, Tex.)

- In short, if the Democrats capitulate on this, turn spineless and go for the 'bipartisan cooperation' okie doke again, you can forget about Obama having an effective first term in office.

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