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Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 3:55 AM

Carly Fiorina, one of John McCain's top economic advisors, pointed out that Sarah Palin lacks the experience to run a major corporation. Then, in an attempt to spin her answer into something less harsh, she added that John McCain doesn't, either. (Of course, Fiorina did so well herself that she was punted from the top slot at Hewlett-Packard.)

Fiorina has cancelled all of her scheduled interviews while the campaign bus runs her over.

The McCain Campaign says Sarah Palin will not meet with investigators regarding 'Troopergate' - the alleged politically-motivated firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan - stating that the process has been 'hijacked by Democrats.'

A Palin spokeswoman says Monegan's firing was for his failure to meet Palin's fiscal goals. I expect some enterprising soul to produce actual numbers that show Monegan's department was, in fact, bleeding cash.

If you're not already one of the millions of Americans whose retirement plans were converted to 'stock options' and other toilet paper products, consider that privatizing Social Security would have your future invested in the train wreck passing for our economy, under the stewardship of the very people responsible for the nation's current economic woes.

So how is it that a train operator sending a text message is enough to prompt a ban on operators using their cell phones at all, but it's okay for millions of motorists to use hands-free devices?

Don't get me wrong, I use my cell phone with a Bluetooth headset as much as the next person - but the hypocrisy/double-standard is hard to ignore.

The City of Benicia is planning to fight truancy by implementing a daytime curfew - students under the age of 16 who are caught off-campus will be fined $50 for a first offense, more for subsequent ones.

I suppose the idea is to motivate junior by slapping a financial penalty on mommy & daddy, because we know their little darling isn't going to be paying the fine on their own.

I say skip the fine and give 'em an orange jumpsuit. Put 'em to work cleaning up trash or swabbing out public restrooms, and their pay goes to the school. And while they're 'employed' in this manner, they can be put up in no-frills barracks (here's where we can bill the parents) - no internet, no X-Box, no skipping off the skate park. 72 hours of service for the first offense, increased exponentially thereafter.

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