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Instant Replay

Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008 4:02 AM

Well, damn. Hillary actually gave a decent speech last night. It was still a touch too heavy on 'I,' and continued themes from her failed primary campaign (35 years of experience), but it will do.

Of course, there's Bill's keynote later tonight.

So we've spent the last seven years being told we have to be afraid of terrorists and terrorism and just about anything out of the ordinary. Boxes with flashing lights. An MIT student with a circuit board on her hoodie. A running club that marked their path with chalk lines and piles of flour. Teenagers who made up Joker-like playing cards with vague threats. Add to that the embarassing bungle of evidence and musical suspects in the Capitol Anthrax case.

And yet, a quartet of disgruntled idiots high on methamphetamines, who were nonetheless coherent enough to travel to Denver with disguises, fake IDs, and sniper rifles on the premise that they'd shoot the black guy before he had a chance to become president ... are deemed 'not credible' within a day.

Despite earlier claims that he would never use his status as a former POW as a campaign point, John McCain is seemingly doing everything but that.

Appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, McCain answered a question about his multiple homes by referring to those five years where he was a POW and didn't even have a kitchen table.

The only reason McCain's experience as a POW would excuse his abysmal memory is if he'd suffered a head wound/trauma with long-term effects. Which would beg the question as to why someone with that disability is qualified to lead the nation.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins has an interesting viewpoint - bring back the days when pitchers worked a complete game, win or lose.

There's certainly anecdotal support, as with the Giants' Tim Linececum being pulled the other night after a solid 8.1 innings ... only to have the ball handed to a reliever who blew the lead and the game.

One other slightly more significant change is a bit of a fait accompli - instant replay makes its Major League Baseball debut on Thursday at three games: Phillies at the Cubs, Minnesota at Oakland, and Texas at the Los Angeles Angels.

This is supposedly only for questionable home run calls, where the ball is on foul/fair line, or where an overeager fan might interfere with the play by reaching for a ball.

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Brin - 2008-08-27 12:49:10
That Joe whatsisface is also speaking tonight. Nobody remembers, though because everybody wants to hear Bill whatsisface!