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Okay, NOW It's Broken

Thursday, Jul. 10, 2008 3:48 AM

The Senate passed the 'compromise' FISA legislation yesterday with a 69-28 vote. Senator Barack Obama ignored a vocal constituency on his website and voted in favor; Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton voted against.

In other words, the Democrats can't even wait to win the White House before they start screwing up.

Again, this isn't about protecting the country from terrorism. It's about giving a legal pass to an illegal activity, one which jeopardizes the concept of privacy and the fundamental basis of our system of justice. It's about the fiction that the tools of law enforcement are ineffective to the task of investigating suspected terrorists or terrorist links.

It's about placing the welfare of a corporation over the rights of individual Americans.

While I'm not quite ready to say, "Fuck Obama, he's a tool," it's a race for last place between him and John McCain. With McCain, I know we'd get a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, and critical issues such as Roe v. Wade would probably be overturned. With Obama, since he's voted with the pack of idiots (among which I number our dear Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader*) savaging our Constitution and thinks this is sound policy, I can't say I'm any better off.

(California's two senators voted in a predictable fashion, Boxer voting no, and Feinstein voting with her pals in the Bush Administration.)

*While Reid voted against the final measure, neither did he work to unify the Democratic caucus or keep folks like Steny Hoyer from selling us down the river.

In case you hadn't noticed, Hillary is still campaigning. You'll want to keep in mind that this issue is so important to her that she's missed previous votes.

A Boot to the Head for KPIX's 'Washington Insider' Marc Sandalow, who commented yesterday on Barack Obama's 'flip-flop' about having his children in the spotlight, but somehow missed the fact that John McCain claimed he wasn't running on his former POW status ... then dusts off an ad that specifically mentions said travails.

Sandalow gets a twofer! On this morning's broadcast, he began his explanation of the FISA fiasco by attesting that 'most Americans don't have a problem with warrantless surveillance if it's chasing people like Osama bin Laden,' playing the same losing game as the Democrats, who continually buy into the line that any opposition to the Bush Administration's policies must mean you want the terrorists to win.

Rev. Jesse Jackson has some 'splainin to do after getting caught by an open mic during a commercial break, saying that he'd like to do injury to Barack Obama. (Specifically, '... cut his nuts off.')

Apart from failing basic media savvy, in which the microphone is always on and the camera is always live, Jackson exhibits more of the tripping-over-his-shoelaces behavior that has always sabotaged any message he has to offer. (And on FOX News, to boot!)

And maybe it's a case of sour grapes running back to his own failed bid at the presidency.

Speaking of FOX News, none other than Bill O'Reilly says the photoshopping of two New York Times' reporters images is justified because the Times did the same thing to him.

Except O'Reilly was referencing an illustration consisting of cartoon caricatures of himself.

I suppose it's a good thing no one drew him with a bomb-shaped hat.

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