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Friday, Jun. 27, 2008 3:44 AM

An embarassing moment for KPIX's Tracy Humphrey, who labored through an explanation of why the sun appeared more orange during the past few days.

In short, it's because red light has a longer wavelength (and a shorter amplitude) than blue light. The blue light is scattered by the particulate matter (smoke) in the air from the recent fires, and less of it reaches our eyes.

Apparently, John 'Aware of All Internet Traditions' McCain's website invites supporters to visit those bastions of liberalism like Daily Kos and cut-and-paste talking points from the McCain campaign into the comments threads.

Upon verification, the intrepid supporter will receive 'points' - though it's not clear what those points are good for - perhaps a bumper sticker or a baseball cap.

Given McCain's confusion over Shiite and Sunni, al-Qaeda and Quds Force, I sure hope those talking points have been vetted more carefully.

Vice President Dick Cheney's eminence grise, David Addington, refused to address the issue of torture during a Congressional hearing yesterday.

Because, Addington warned, al-Qaeda might be watching C-Span.

The hearing also featured John 'Torture Memo' Yoo, who tried to spin that his comments were being taken out of context, but couldn't say exactly what the proper context was.

From the WTF? Department, the story of Ohio teacher John Freshwater, who is not only accused of teaching intelligent design in his science classroom, but used an electrostatic device to burn crosses onto the arms of his students.

Freshwater has been dismissed by the school board, but retains the right to appeal the decision.

Freshwater claims it was an 'X,' not a cross.

I don't care if it was a happy face or 'In God We Trust.' What the FRACK are you doing burning ANYTHING on your student's arms?

Here's today's six words from the Associated Press: North Korea, President Bush, axis, evil.

The Ministry has received 1 comment(s) on this topic.

Brin - 2008-06-27 15:38:00
Um, if that Intelligent Design teacher was trying to give the students crosses on their arms, that's kind of a lost cause, because if you get a tattoo, then you're going to Hell anyway. Looks like yet another one of those Christians who never actually bothered to read the entire Bible.