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Bobby's World?

Tuesday, Jun. 17, 2008 1:21 PM

Bobby Jindal, whose name has been floated as a possible McCain running mate, seems to think we should be teaching intelligent design (otherwise known as creationism) in our public schools.

Which would require standards set by the government, and which would clearly be in violation of the Establishment Clause. That, or you have to teach other religions and their respective creation stories.

Jindal argues we should be teaching our children these things as the foundation of a good education, and then let them decide. But let's be clear - creation does not meet the criteria of scientific theory. It is not testable. It is not verifiable. It is not repeatable.

It is not science, and does not belong in a public classroom alongside or as part of a science curriculum. Let's leave matters of faith to parents and our respective churches or parochial schools.

A couple of things have been pointed out about the recent Supreme Court ruling on the detainees at Guantanamo.

First, Justice Antonin Scalia bemoans the fact that we couldn't possibly prove that every last detainee belongs in Guantanamo. Isn't it odd that a man whose career requires him to judge evidence and legal proof is thus making excuses for an egregious violation of those standards?

Second, the criticism about the court making a bad decision on the basis of politics needs to stop. The yammering about activist judges needs to remember that the court made a very political and controversial ruling in Gore v. Bush.

There's enough STFU for everyone.

And farewell to special effects wizard Stan Winston (Alien, Terminator), who passed away on Sunday.

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