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Every Vote (In Her Favor) Counts

Friday, May. 09, 2008 4:06 AM

She's behind in delegates and out of money, yet Hillary Rodham Clinton still thinks she's in a position to dictate terms to Barack Obama.

Sigh. One more time, Hillary: in Michigan, you participated in a primary that the DNC had asked all candidates to withdraw from. In Florida, legislators allowed their Republican counterparts to schedule their primary on a date in violation of the rules agreed upon.

You are not entitled to anything, and if the voters feel disenfranchised, they need to take it up with the people they elected to represent them, not rally behind someone who broke those rules and wants that not to matter.

And proving that the 'experts' don't know shit, Hillary's newfound sense of 'party unity' is nowhere to be found amid her 'Obama can't carry the vote of hard-working white voters' pitch.

I'm a hard-working non-white voter, and I resent the implication that votes of a specific racial bloc are inherently more valuable, or that I'm lazy or not as hard-working as the white guy in the next row.

Kind of blows the whole, "I'm here for all the voters" horseshit you've been serving up, eh?

Critics are already panning 'Speed Racer,' slated to hit theaters this weekend.

Sorry, but the trailer itself was enough to tell me not to waste my time with this piece of neon-lit CGI crap fest.

One station in Vallejo, California has just posted $4.09 for a gallon of regular unleaded, the price jumping ten cents from the previous day.

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ska-t - 2008-05-11 17:35:03
Speed Racer is the TRON for the new generation. it sucked, also... and makes me glad that anime has moved lightyears ahead. since she's proven to be a sore loser in any way fashionable, i fear what Hillary will do to the Democratic party, with her deluded "i'd rather vote for McCain!" supporters. well, so much for the "undecided voters", this time 'round. no more dynasties and entitlement, thank you.