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The World Is Safer? Really?

Friday, Apr. 25, 2008 4:12 AM

Seven months ago, Israel launched an airstrike on a Syrian facility, which new intelligence photos indicate was a nuclear power plant that could be used to enrich uranium for weapons development. The facility matches North Korean designs.

Why are we only hearing about it now? Hmm, let's see - what was happening seven months ago ... oh, yes, the first episode of the Petraeus-Crocker Show. Wouldn't do to be lauding our progress in Iraq when we have yet another glitch in the picture.

From the It's Not Science, It's Religion Department - a story on CBS News about a neighborhood group focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. Sure, it all sounds good - replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents, use cold water for all washing machine loads, and so on.

Except when you get to the part where the group gets to weigh in about your individual contributions.

Now, perhaps I'm misunderstanding the intent or How It Really Works, but this sounds like a particularly insidious form of groupthink. You get to decide if I'm being environmentally warm-and-fuzzy enough for your tastes? What's next, your opinion on how I wipe my ass and how much toilet paper I use?

Go to hell. As my wife is still asleep when I get up for work at 2:30 AM, I use an LED book light to move around the house, only turning on a single lamp in my office so I can glance at the previous day's mail or any notes my wife has left for me.

I've got nothing against lowering one's 'carbon footprint' by way of being a smart consumer and practicing simple conservation. I draw the line when someone thinks their superior sensibilities gives them the right to dictate my lifestyle.

I respect my coworkers. However, the addition of the words 'Bay Area,' placed directly on top of that area on a statewide weather map is simply ridiculous.

Do people really not know what the Bay Area looks like, or where it is in relation to the rest of California? Even when we have local maps showing a closer view of the same coastal outline?

Pop Quiz: Name the nine counties comprising the San Francisco Bay Area.

By some accounts, Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign is actually $15 million in debt. Now, obviously, if she were to win the nomination, any fundraising thereafter would go to pay for her presidential run.

So where would the $15 million come from? Future book royalties? Your tax dollars?

Quiz Answers: Ocsicnarf Nas, Oetam Nas, Aralc Atnas, Niram, Amonos, Apan, Onalos, Ademala, and Atsoc Artnoc.

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Brin - 2008-04-25 13:48:03
Shame and double shame on me, I actually guessed oloY as one of them. Sigh.