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Torture, Fear, and Loathing

Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2008 3:56 AM

We have a President who admits to knowledge of meetings on and approval of specific procedures of interrogation - qualified as torture under international and American law - but the media still hasn't said a thing.

The ACLU has an action link for you to contact your Congressional representative.

A Boot to the Head for the media, includng CBS News, for falling for the same old Fear Terrorism meme in the midst of a story about Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States over the next eight days.

A Coast Guard spokesman explains how they're checking the bridges and waterways adjacent to the stadium where the Pope will be celebrating mass, solemnly noting that they won't give the terrorists the chance to attack. And then the reporter notes, 'there is no indication of a credible threat against the Pope.'

Here's the question. We know the Pope is a major figure, the leader of the Catholic Church, and that his predecessors have faced assassination attempts. So why would we expect there to be less or minimal security during what is essentially a state visit?

Be afraid. Even when there's not a threat.

From the Epic Fail Department: a pro-China protester in Seattle with a sign reading "Dalai Lama Show Me Ur Compassion to Olympic Torch."

If you're really trying to communicate, it's YOU ARE.

Lauren Handel, an attorney from New York, was searching the web for a recipe from chef/personality Giada DeLaurentis. Oddly enough, Senator John McCain's campaign website kept popping up in the search results.

The reason? There's a selection of 'Cindy's Recipes,' including 'McCain Family Recipes' like Ahi Tuna with Napa Cabbage Salad.

The problem? All of the recipes are apparently lifted from the Food Network website, either in their entirety or with minor changes.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is preparing to release an ad showing Pennsylvania residents expressing their displeasure over Senator Barack Obama's recent 'God and Guns' comment. But, as the Associated Press reports, most Pennsylvanians aren't offended. In fact, when Clinton tried to browbeat an audience on the issue, there were loud shouts of 'NO!'.

And the 'Woman of the People' schtick is rather transparent, with Clinton using lines like, "... many of you, like myself ..."

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