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Well, She Does Look Like Him A Bit ...

Wednesday, Apr. 02, 2008 4:05 AM

Hillary Rodham Clinton dipped into the well of 'pop culture heroes' and informed an audience yesterday that she and Rocky Balboa had a lot in common, in that they don't quit.

Clinton cited the scene where Rocky climbs the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, most likely because it ends with a little victory dance. But perhaps she forgot some of the other lessons of the film:

- Rocky was stubborn and not too bright; he consistently refused to listen to his manager and trainer.

- Rocky got the snot beat out of him by Apollo Creed. There's a subtle overtone here in that Creed is the black bad guy, which simply continues the Clinton campaign's veiled references to race.

But perhaps most importantly, ol' Rocky-Rambo-Sly Stallone has endorsed Senator John McCain, just like Hillary has through indirect comments about the suitability of herself and the Republican nominee to lead the country.

McCain's response to Stallone's endorsement was, "I'm going to Philadelphia and run up the steps," so Hillary isn't even being original.

Hillary also stated that the Obama campaign 'wants you to stop voting,' which is an outright lie.

This is the character of the woman who thinks she should be president?

A little more about the belated Ides of March at various CBS affiliates around the country.

Wal-Mart has agreed to cease its efforts to recover over $400,000 in medical costs from Deborah Shank, an employee who was left brain-damaged after an automobile accident.

The Pentagon has released the full text of a 2003 memorandum, written by U.C. Berkeley law professor John Yoo, detailing the legal justifications for torture.

Finally, a day after April Fools' Day, I'd like to ask people (including a certain relative) to stop falling for stupid internet hoaxes.

It's simple. Start by checking a site like Snopes or Urban Legends at

Failing that, apply some basic common sense. Look for the following tip-offs:

- Friend of a Friend. If you follow the chain, at some point it's not anyone you or your friend actually knows, but the friend of a friend of a friend who's coworker's son's friend once heard from a passing stranger.

- Common Actions Lead To Dire Consequences. So dire that you'd think you'd hear about it somewhere other than a haphazardly-passed around e-mail.

- Appeal to Authority. In addition to friends, there's always an authority involved - a doctor, a nurse, a police officer, or an organization.

- Pass This Along to Everyone You Know. The moment you see this line, you should know you're being played for a chump.

I shouldn't have to explain this to you more than once, dear relative, but I've done so several times.

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Dave - 2008-04-02 11:05:47

Links form when I mouse over the lines in the urban legend commentary. You may have some broken HTML.