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Lies And Videotape

Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2008 3:47 AM

Even as Hillary Clinton tries to keep the controversy going over Barack Obama's former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, she fails to address her own affiliations with a right-wing Christian group called The Family.

But let's give the Wright question some further consideration. At what point would you disavow a pastor and leave your church? Is it truly the clear-cut, single-issue decision critics are making it out to be? If you attend church regularly, has your own pastor ever made controversial statements about the spiritual health of the community or the nation?

And why is the onus on Barack Obama to denounce his pastor, when recent events are full of the wacky and provocative statements of spiritual leaders such as Pat Robertson and the late Rev. Jerry Falwell?

CBS News has shown archival footage from Hillary Clinton's trip to Bosnia, which completely refutes her claims of being under sniper fire and rushing to their vehicles while ducking.

Instead, the former First Lady is shown smiling and chatting with troops, taking photos with a group of 7th Graders, and casually walking to the armored transport waiting for her.

Clinton says she 'misspoke,' despite repeating the claims over the course of several months. At best, I call it an exaggeration - and we've already had eight years of a president who has exaggerated threats and lied as the basis of policy.

Addendum: Hillary is also attributing her 'misstatement' to being sleep-deprived. So, how's that 'ready for the 3AM phone call' bullshit selling, again?

The Pentagon has another nuclear-related SNAFU to explain. Last year saw several cruise missiles carrying active warheads 'accidentally' shipped from Minott AFB to Barksdale AFB; now, CBS News is reporting that fusing devices for nuclear missiles were erroneously sent to Taiwan in 2006.

Taiwanese forces had requested batteries for systems aboard their helicopters.

The error wasn't discovered until the Taiwanese asked where the batteries were. The fuses were returned, still in their packing materials.

So we've seen both warheads and fuses go AWOL during the Bush Administration, and we still think these idiots know what they're doing?

A US Airways pilot has been grounded after his gun accidentally discharged in the cockpit during a flight over Easter weekend.

"After 9/11, we became convinced an armed flight deck was the ultimate deterrent to stopping a hijacking plan. From a terrorist standpoint, the hardest thing to do is take control of the cockpit. That's why the deterrent value of this program is just staggering," said a spokesman for the Airline Pilots Association.

Sorry, that's just bad logic. The absence of hijacking attempts does not mean armed pilots are the reason.

I'll say it again - the role of the pilot is not to pull a John Wayne act and be the rugged hero fighting off terrorists. The role of the pilot is the safe operation of the plane. Measures such as reinforced and locking cockpit doors will keep terrorists out of control spaces as well.

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Dave - 2008-03-26 13:33:58
Re Hillary's "sleep deprivation" - she sure as hell didn't lose much sleep while Billy-Bob was out catting around.