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War? What War?

Thursday, Mar. 20, 2008 3:49 AM

Vice-President Dick Cheney spent the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war fishing, borrowing Sultan Qaboos bin Said's private yacht.

Regarding that same war, Cheney's response to a question about Americans' flagging support was, "So?"

Previously, while speaking to the troops in Iraq, Cheney again maintained that tromping into Iraq was part of fighting the terrorists who struck on 9/11, and that Tehran has an active nuclear weapons program, despite a Pentagon report and an NIE that dispute each in turn.

And a senior police official in Britain has a novel idea for fighting crime: putting kids who exhibit behaviors indicative of future criminal activities into a DNA database.

You may not realize it, but the terrorists are winning.

In fact, Osama bin Laden has so much free time on his hands, his latest screed talks about the reprinting of Danish cartoons that portray the Prophet Mohammed as wearing a bomb-shaped turban.

So you have an issue with people seeing Muslims and their Prophet as bomb-toting fanatics? Gee, whose fault is that, again?

And it should be pointed out that the cartoons were reprinted in response to police uncovering a plot to kill the artist.

General David Petraeus takes Iraqi questions about power and water as a good sign, 'because it means they're not worried about security.'

Or maybe it means they figure they're screwed, and they'd at least like a warm meal and clean water.

For many people, 'security' is about comforts we take for granted: a roof over one's head, refrigeration, a glass of water that isn't going to make you sick when you drink it.

And lastly, when you protest, the very least you could do is make sure your gorram sign is spelled correctly:

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