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The Fault Lies Not With Our Stars, But With Other People ...

Monday, Mar. 17, 2008 3:54 AM

I was at the mall in Fairfield and thought it was just the rain I was hearing pattering against the skylights.

Car covered with hail.

It was hail. The ground was covered, as were many of the cars. Another round of hail struck shortly after this photo was taken.

Vice-President Dick Cheney is touring the Middle East, including a surprise visit to Iraq to push for 'political unity,' which is more of the White House's latest round of 'blame the Iraqis.' (General David Petraeus is also working the same meme.)

Five years ago, Cheney was telling us we'd be greeted as liberators with candy and flowers. Then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said it'd take 'months, not years.' We've been subjected to five years of cheerleading, from purple thumbs and tribal chiefs rising up to fight al-Qaeda (then being shot dead less than a week later), to an endless string of 'six more months' to find out if there will be some magical transformation if we just hunker down and ignore the mounting casualties.

The people who led us to war weren't even close in their assessments as to what would happen once Saddam was ousted.

The marketplace through which Senator John McCain strolled (with his 100-man armed escort and air cover) is now under the control of Moqtada al-Sadr's militia, and unsafe for Americans. But ol' Maverick is riding into town once more, on a 'fact-finding' mission and talking up how the Surge and our amazing non-strategy is winning the day.

An attorney representing "Kristen" is complaining that the media is using her photos without permission. This is unacceptable because 'she's not a public figure.'


You don't fucking call the New York Times to lament your circumstances, which led to people discovering your MySpace page and a New York radio station giving one of your songs airtime, then whine about how people went onto that same MySpace page (which was open to all) and lifted your pictures.

Someone call for a waaaaaaah-mbulance. A Clinton-supporter on Daily Kos is going on strike to protest what they label the unfair treatment of their candidate and her supporters.

Y'know, I miss the days of civil discourse as much as the next person, but you don't have clueless harridans like Geraldine Ferraro repeating boneheaded tripe that's 20 years old and then making it All About Hillary instead of apologizing.

Wasn't it Hillary who criticized Obama for not being able to take the heat from a Democrat, ergo, how could he possibly survive being the Democratic nominee?

Given that the Bush Administration has proven so inept at managing a war, I'm wondering exactly why we think they can stave off a recession.

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