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Monday Morning Stumbling

Monday, Jan. 14, 2008 3:54 AM

According to the pundits, there's some small backlash against Senator Hillary Clinton's remarks disparaging Senator Barack Obama as not being a modern-day JFK or Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hmmm. Officious-sounding white woman opining that a black man doesn't even come close to the achievements of another notable and respected black man, while implying that she's much closer and/or that MLK couldn't have done it without white politicians.

Yeah, I'd be upset, too.

Clinton says her remarks are being taken out of context.

And it's going to be amusing to see the media spin about tomorrow's Michigan Primary, as the only Democrat on the ballot is Hillary Clinton - a turn of events resulting from the state Democratic party scheduling their primary 'too early' to suit the national party, with candidates being encouraged not to participate.

In an interview with Bill Maher on HBO's 'Real Time,' Former White House Spokesman Tony Snow offers this bit of wisdom about Iraq. "Number one, when it comes to the war, everybody � it�s great to be a backseat general, and everybody gets it wrong at the beginning of a war."

Um, Tony - it's no longer the beginning of the war. We've been fighting for close to four years, only to achieve increasing casualty rates, and none of the goals we've set for ourselves or Iraq's government.

And being that the 'everybody' includes George W. Bush (Mission Accomplished), Dick Cheney (Greeted As Liberators, Candy & Flowers, Last Throes), and Don Rumsfeld (Weeks Not Months, Untidy), it should be clear that we are not experiencing the momentary confusion of the fog of war, but a failure of leadership from the very start of this foolish adventure.

In a CBS News story about paid sick leave, a restaurant owners' flack offered up figures that show giving workers 3-7 paid sick days per year would cut revenues by up to 22%.

As opposed to having a sick employee bringing their germs to your place of business and engage in food preparation or serving patrons.

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell says waterboarding qualifies as torture.

That is, if it were used against him. For everyone else, well, they actually have to be taking water into their lungs. And McConnell nonetheless refused to explicitly state that waterboarding is, in fact, torture.

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