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Dead Computer

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2007 3:34 AM

Our trusty Mac G4 has died from unknown causes. It's probably a failed power supply or hard drive, but I won't be able to get to an Apple store until this weekend.

Posting may be a bit sporadic until I can get it fixed or replaced.

So the Democratic leadership prevailed upon Rep. Pete Stark to apologize for his remark that troops were dying in Iraq for the President's amusement - even though Mr. Bush has, in fact, chuckled and grinned while discussing extended troop deployments and, more recently, thinks World War III is just a giggle and a half.

Apparently, Ari Fleischer's infamous words - that it is unpatriotic to criticize the president - still set the tone in Washington.'s ad criticizing General Petraeus elicits condemnation, as does Rep. Stark's comments, but when it comes to conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh smearing the troops, or the maligning of a young boy to 'make a point' about S-CHIP ... Congress is silent.

Ending the war will not become easier by way of coddling a president who is still peddling his 'return on success' line of bullshit, even as more National Guard units are called up for deployment, and the much-ballyhooed advances in Iraq are shown to be hollow achievements.

I would like to know why it took Mr. Bush nearly a day to accede to Governor Schwarzenegger's request for a federal state of emergency pertaining to the Southern California wildfires.

I mean, was Arnold put on hold or something? No direct access to His Royal Nibs? Wake him up from a nap, or disturb his reading time?

Did Georgie-poo have to call in his advisors and have them explain the concepts?

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Brin - 2007-10-24 13:51:45
My sympathies on your loss!