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Much Ado About Hillary?

Monday, Oct. 15, 2007 4:12 AM

The 'Democrats Seem Happy With Hillary, Edwards, and Obama' meme that the media is pushing is more of the 'Hillary In 2008' crap they seem to be so enamored of.

It's taking the top three results of a poll and dumbing it down to make a grand pronouncement of 'fact.' (Clinton leads with about 40%, Obama has 20%, Edwards 10% - that leaves 30% somewhere, and even if it's split amongst other, less prominent candidates, it's a significant percentage that won't be decided until the convention.)

That this is in response to Al Gore's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and keeping the 'Draft Al Gore' crap going is ironic, as the major criticism of Gore's film is that it jumps to conclusions unsupported by facts.

I remain unimpressed by Hillary's stance on a number of issues, and the 'troops in Iraq until 2013' song isn't winning anyone anything.

Among the priorities I want to see from a candidate are the restoration of Constitutional protections to American citizens by way of rescinding the executive orders authorizing illegal, warrantless wiretaps; giving the USA PATRIOT Act and Protecting America Act a good, long look so we don't have any more 'little-known clause' moments; rescinding the Authorization to Use Military Force; and getting us the hell out of Iraq without a string of reverse-Friedmans.

From the Fear Makes Us Stupid Department comes the city aldermen looking to protect us from unlicensed gumball machines and the threat of poison gumballs.

Among the problems with this 'threat' is that an immediate-effect poison would leave dead bodies in front of the gumball machine; a slower-acting poison will not produce the same level of terror, as deaths will be isolated (unless, of course, several children in the same family all get gumballs from the tainted machine).

Above all, terrorists are not going to waste time with methods that can be mistaken for something other than terrorism.

And Joseph P. Nacchio, a former CEO of Qwest Communications who is currently appealing his conviction on multiple charges of insider trading, says the NSA approached him nearly six months before 9/11 to solicit his company's assistance with a covert wiretapping program.

Which raises questions as to exactly who Mr. Bush (or Mr. Cheney) wanted to spy upon, when, and for what reasons.

Because they clearly weren't thinking about terrorism.

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