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Boston Police Punk'd AGAIN

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2007 9:45 AM

Could someone tell me why O.J. Simpson, who has an established record of fleeing from law enforcement, and is generally believed to have committed a gruesome double murder, can, whilst facing multiple counts of armed robbery and kidnapping, be released on bail ...

... while Mychael Bell, one of the black teenagers known as the Jena 6, despite it being acknowledged that he was improperly tried as an adult, remains in prison?

The Rev. Jesse Jackson claims not to remember saying that Barack Obama 'sounded just like a white man' regarding the senator's response to the Jena 6 incident.

And then he claims he was taken out of context.

Well, if you didn't say it, Jesse, you can't be taken out of context, right?

It just goes to show that hate is insidious, and it's alive and well on both sides.

The Iraqi government has 'agreed' to allow Blackwater USA to continue its operations in Iraq.

Meanwhile, there are now questions as to whether or not weapons brought into the country by Blackwater have been illegally transferred to Iraqi forces (which, then, supposedly, end up in the hands of insurgents/terrorists).

And we're doing so well in Iraq that Senators Lieberman and Kyl are offering up an amendment calling for the U.S. to combat, contain, and roll back Iran's aggression in Iraq. The amendment also designates the whole of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

Nothing like a new war to cover up the stench of the old one.

The best comment about the tasering of student Andrew Meyer comes from Stephen Colbert.

"How are you supposed to protest an abusive authority when that abusive authority tells you not to?"

On the other side of the fence, FOX News' Bill O'Reilly gave his manly-man testimony that Meyer is a wimp, because, you know, Bill claims he was tasered as part of a story, and it was just a little electric shock. (Given how often Mr. O'Reilly has made claims that are proven to be untrue, I'd like to see this video of Bill being tasered.)

Then there's CNN's Glenn Beck, who remarked that 'taser videos are like potato chips, you can't watch just one.'

Yes, CNN � America's Most Trusted Name in News � has an idiot on their airwaves who thinks police brutality is funny.

Finally, from Boston comes another over-the-top response from law enforcement to blinking lights.

Star Simpson, a student from MIT, decided to walk through the airport concourse with a breadboard (a plug-and-play circuit board used in hobby and commercial design) which had several blinking LEDs and a visible battery attached to her hoodie/sweatshirt.

(Photo: Boston Globe / Associated Press)

She was also reported to be holding a putty-like substance in her hand, which turned out to be Play-Doh. On the back of her hoodie, which police displayed as if it were a jihadist screed, were the phrases, "Socket to me!" and "Course VI" � apparent references to MIT's electrical engineering and computer science major.

Simpson had gone to the airport to meet her boyfriend's arriving flight. She inquired at an information booth, where the clerk asked her about the circuit board. (She did not pass through security to enter the terminal, as you must have a ticket to do so.)

Simpson told the clerk it was art, and walked away.

Simpson found herself surrounded by armed officers, one of whom later remarked that she's lucky to be in a cell and not the morgue. Add the obligatory this-is-a-post-9/11-world disclaimer.

Because we ALL KNOW that terrorists and suicide bombers put the circuits on the OUTSIDE of their jackets, run around holding their plastic explosives IN THEIR HAND, and make sure to approach an airport employee to ask questions while doing so.

Simpson is being charged with 'possession of a hoax device.'

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