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Oh, Blackwater!

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007 12:55 AM

The Iraqi government isn't happy with private security contractors like Blackwater USA, and has asked that their personnel depart the country immediately, though American sources say it's 'not a done deal yet.'

This comes about in the wake of an attack this past Sunday in Baghdad, where a U.S. convoy came under fire, and Blackwater personnel returned fire. Eight Iraqis were killed, and as many as thirteen wounded.

During his testimony last week, Ambassador Ryan Crocker noted that it would be impossible to protect American personnel without the use of private contractors such as Blackwater.

O.J. Simpson is in jail pending an investigation into charges of armed robbery.

Simpson claims he was recovering stolen memorabilia in a 'sting operation,' but the men from whom he sought to claim items have said that Simpson burst into their hotel room with several other men who were brandishing weapons.

A recording has also surfaced, with Simpson apparently yelling obscenities and accusations at the victims.

Senator Hillary Clinton has a new universal healthcare plan.

Naturally, Gov. Mitt Romney, aspiring Republican candidate, had some criticism to dispense.

Unfortunately, Romney decided any sidewalk in front of a hospital would do, and he chose St. Vincent's in Manhattan.

St. Vincent's didn't like that at all.

"We find it unfortunate that Mr. Romney misappropriated the image and good will of St. Vincent�s Hospital to further a political agenda. While St. Vincent�s believes that there needs to be real discussion about healthcare reform and finding ways to provide coverage to the now 47 million Americans without health insurance, it is inappropriate for the hospital to be used for political gain," a press release reads.

Oh, and the Romney gang chose the sidewalk in front of the ambulance entrance. You know, where emergency cases come into the hospital in search of health care.

And one more thing ... you think the Romney campaign would pick a different hospital in the first place. St. Vincent's trauma center is named after former New York Mayor (and rival candidate) Rudy Giuliani.

U.C. Irvine has re-hired legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky as the dean of their law school after firing him last week.

According to Chemerinsky, Chancellor Michael V. Drake had originally told Chemerinsky that conservatives had issues with his liberal views.

An agreement between Drake and Chemerinsky, arrived at over the weekend, promises Chemerinsky absolute academic freedom and the ability to comment on things beyond legal education. (Chemerinsky has been used as a legal commentator/expert by several networks in the past.)

But it seems the regents for the U.C. system want to know exactly what Drake was thinking, and what his reasons for firing Chemerinsky were.

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