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Betrayal On The Brain

Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007 9:27 AM's new brainchild is a television ad that follows in the footsteps of their libellous print ad attacking General David Petraeus. (Yes, it's libel. The defense for libel is 'provably true.' Cough it up, or shut the fuck up, guys. Evidence, not conjecture.)

Anyway, their new ad ends with the banner, "George W. Bush: A Betrayal of Trust?"

It's no secret that I hold our current president in less than high esteem. I think he's an irresponsible, immature, foolish man, and dumber than a bag of hammers to boot. (Said assessment of presidential character made during the 2000 campaign, and quickly affirmed after his 'election.')

But come on. Do you really expect me to believe that the drooling Bush-haters who are busy puffing up their egos after the Petraeus ad actually, for one second, ever trusted Bush? That, somehow, being sworn in as president would make him, in the span of a heartbeat, the man he never was?

That even the nominal respect one feels for the office, rather than the occupant, withstood the scandal of a questionable election and the gross negligence that led to 9/11? That after unveiling USA PATRIOT, Mission Accomplished, and nearly four years of 'stay the course' in the face of a spiraling death toll, that this man had even a speck of your trust?

Boy, howdy. Barnum was right.

Of course, I could also point out that you can't betray what you don't actually believe in, and don't actually have. These are the folks who believed their turn at the top was their 'due,' and that they'd earned some kind of invisible funny money to pay for their political shenanigans. Trust? They don't care if you trust them, they're the Executive Branch! It's the Constitutional powers of Super-President to quash dissent, classify meetings and documents, and break the law!

But, as plods along with their eyes closed to the truth � that their ads are every bit as reprehensible and unjustified as anything the GOP ever aimed at John Kerry or Max Cleland and do nothing more than continue to fuel the Republican base.

Facts? Issues? Come on, these guys are selling 'values' (when they're not diddling pages or cheating on their wives).. Bush fucking drove Al Gore into the dirt with the 'say one thing, do another' comedy routine, which got a fresh coat of paint and stapled to John Kerry's coattails as 'flip-flopping.' Stop giving these guys free throws.

Of course, as any basketball fan knows, with enough fouls, you get ejected. You're out of the game, star player or not.

Democrats are allowing themselves the luxury of believing that no Republican could possibly win through the shit storm of the Bush Administration's disastrous policies in Iraq and the rampant corruption among GOP stalwarts.

Does 'cakewalk' ring any bells, guys?

The 2008 Election is too important to jeopardize by making insults the approved strategy.

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Sara - 2007-09-16 15:41:43
I just stumbled across your journal and I thought I'd let you know what interesting words you have here. =)