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Sunday Stupidity

Sunday, Sept. 02, 2007 4:35 AM

So Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo thinks the folks on the Gulf Coast (the Gulf of Mexico, not the Persian Gulf) need to stop sucking on the federal teat and get over it. That the government has spent more than enough money on rebuilding and recovery, and they should just quit whining and expecting a handout.

Like we're not spending nearly twice that on operations in Iraq on a daily basis.

Or that the effects of Hurricane Katrina weren't magnified by our government's ignorance of tracking data, or that thinking that 'overtopped' meant a couple of extra inches of water on the sidewalk, or that we had an incompetent moron (who is nonetheless apparently still consulting on emergency response & procedures) in charge of FEMA (with an equally incompetent boss heading up DHS).

So if there's ever a disaster in Colorado, I think we need to apply Tancredo's Rule: two years and a maximum of $114 billion.

That, or we move his sorry ass into a FEMA trailer and see how he likes it.

It's nice to know Senator Dianne Feinstein is predictable.

Along with Senator Charles Schumer, she's hinted that they'll back off on the investigation into U.S. Attorney firings if President Bush nominates a competent person to replace the disgraced and incompetent Alberto Gonzales. (Competent? From the guy who wanted Harriet 'Mash Note' Miers in the position? From the guy who appointed his old college buddy Mike Brown to head up FEMA? It's not about what Bush deserves or is entitled to; it's about the goddamn law.)

What part of broke the law don't you understand, guys? The process was directed through the White House, coordinated illegally over a secondary e-mail server, and the documents conveniently 'lost.'

This is just as brain-dead as signing off on the White House's argument (made by aforementioned incompetent Attorney General Alberto Gonzales) that the requirements for a FISA warrant were too demanding and time-consuming. Again, we just kind of sign off on Mr. Bush's illegal activities.

Add to the pile Senator Harry Reid offering to compromise with Republicans on a troop draw-down in Iraq, as long as we don't talk about 'withdrawal' or 'leaving' or 'timetables.' Yeah, that makes sense. We'll be able to end the war without using any of those terms.

If you haven't noticed, Bush isn't compromising with you. He's steamrollering you, then backing up and doing it again and again and again.

And you seem to like it so much, you keep lining up for more.

The November 2006 election gave you a mandate to stop the war. Restore the Constitution. Impeach the idiot in the White House. Instead, you've done nothing but play patty-cake with said idiot, enabled further trashing of the Constitution, and refused to impeach or so much as censure the fool.

Competent: there's word that Dr. James Holsinger, Bush's nominee for Surgeon General, not only has questionable views about homosexuality (Holsinger authored a non-scientific paper decrying homosexuality as abnormal on anatomical and physiological grounds), but may have taken the proceeds from the sale of a United Methodist Church-owned hospital in Kentucky and used it to underwrite his own personal political projects.

And Feinstein and Schumer really think Bush will nominate someone halfway sensible for Attorney General?

Condoleezza Rice has hinted that she might return to academic life after the Rapture the Bush Administration ends.

Students at Stanford are already voicing their objections.

With several books about her headed for the shelves, Condi admits she, '... prefers being coordinated than coordinating', and that she wasn't really comfortable as National Security Advisor.

"As a scholar, she'll be fine," says Stanford's president, John L. Hennessey (he succeeded Ms. Rice as provost in 1999). "Clearly, there are people who are unhappy about what she's done as Secretary of State. Some would say she should not be allowed back. But that is not a legitimate position."

Fair enough. But how is Stanford's reputation for academic excellence served by allowing a woman who either lied or directly abetted those who misled our country into war back onto the faculty? What's next, hiring Michael Vick as head football coach?

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