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Tony Fratto: Takes One To Know One

Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007 5:15 AM

Former Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, in her role as head of the American Association of Publishers, commented on an Associated Press/Ipsos poll that showed liberals apparently read more books than conservatives.

Schroeder summed it up by saying the Karl Roves of the world simply want things distilled down to a few simple slogans, like "No New Taxes."

White House spokesman Tony Fratto responded by saying, "Obfuscation usually requires a lot more words than if you simply focus on fundamental principles, so I'm not at all surprised by the loquaciousness of liberals."

Hey, Tony. FUCK YOU.

I consider myself to be well-read. What I don't appreciate is the implication that I am, therefore, a liar, or without a grasp of 'fundamental principles.' (The converse, the implication that our humble, plain-spoken Cowboy-in-Chief must therefore be a paragon of honesty, is also insulting. He's a liar surrounded by liars and weasels like Fratto.)

Whatever happened to the Amazing Book Reading President, who once claimed to have chugged through sixty books in a single year?

So, in case you're a little slow this morning, Mr. Fratto, let me repeat: FUCK YOU. And your boss.

And when did Hillary Clinton become part of the Bush Administration?

In a speech before veterans, Senator Clinton remarked that, "We've begun to change tactics ..."

What tactics would those be, Hillary? The Amazing Surge-O-Rama? Did you catch Dick Cheney with his hand up General Petraeus' arse doing an Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy routine?

Why did it take so long to recognize that we needed to change tactics? What gave you a clue? The piles of dead soldiers?

I'm all for patience, but after having your hand caught in a machine press for a few seconds, the need to 'change tactics' is pretty self-evident. The sad truth is that we really haven't changed tactics; beneath the surge, we're still trying to push the clear-hold-build model, still trying to give the Iraqi government the time it needs to completely disintegrate get settled in.

And we're still getting our asses kicked.

So why is the gross negligence demonstrated by the Bush Administration laudable in any way? ("Yay! We're changing tactics! Yippee!")

Hey, Tony Fratto ... remember your snide remark about liberals being mouthy, dishonest bastards?

Sure beats the hell out of a White House that claims it's entirely exempt from FOIA requests, particularly ones pertaining to those missing e-mails that shouldn't have been on a GOP server and which supposedly didn't get archived (both acts being against the law).

If they don't exist anymore, then the FOIA request can't be fulfilled, right? On the other hand, if they do exist, then there'd be reason to squirm.

Or maybe the Bush Administration is every bit as obfuscatory as us bookish liberal types.

(You can still go fuck yourself, Tony. We have kids who can't read, and can't type, and you're out there suggesting that, maybe, there's such a thing as reading too many books?)

Hmmm. An interesting moment this morning as the sounds of animals squabbling echoes through the neighborhood.

Turned out to be four racoons capering about our backyard, with no other animals in sight (like any of the neighborhood cats).

It also woke up an across-the-street neighbor, who, like me, came out with a Mag-Lite to investigate.

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