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Not Voting For Hillary

Wednesday, Aug. 08, 2007 12:41 PM

In an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Barack Obama made some very sensible comments about the multiplicity of religions in America.

Upon which CBN founder and evangelist Pat Robertson immediately heaped scorn and ridicule. Sure, ol' Pat says, America is no longer a purely Christian nation, though it was founded as such (still neglecting small things like the founding fathers being Deists, distrustful of the church, and oh, owning things like copies of the Koran) � but it is a Big Mistake to place Other Religions on an equal footing with Christianity.

And maybe, if we were all just a little less invested in Being Right About God, the world might be a safer and more peaceful place. Insofar as a man, woman, or child isn't driven by their beliefs to make bombs and kill people, preach racial hatred, or commit other crimes, why should it diminish my faith in God as I perceive him?

Should I feel slighted if a Baptist has a good life, with a six-figure salary, a spacious estate, nice car, beautiful wife, loving kids? Does it mean I'm doing something wrong and I should hate them?

The Jesuit motto is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, 'To The Greater Glory of God.' That's not a call to be a cheerleader, but to direct your actions and thoughts to that goal. And Christ Jesus reminds us not to cast the first stone � so when it comes to 'other religions' and their perceived worth, perhaps we need to let things be, and focus on those things that bring us, as a people and a world, together � instead of nitpicking on which piece of the elephant we're describing.

Someone needs to tell Hillary that her concern about Pakistan and General Pervez Musharraf is a few years too late.

At the AFL-CIO Democratic Candidate Forum last night, Senator Hillary "Nuke The Bastards" Rodham Clinton picked up her tirade about nuclear weapons, but expanded on her criticism of Barack Obama.

Obama has drawn criticism for saying that, if we had a shot at Osama bin Laden, and Musharraf was unable to act, that we should send troops or drop bombs as needed.

Hillary tsk-tsks and blathers on about undermining the good general, and how dangerous it is because Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and we don't want to give al-Qaeda a foothold in Pakistan.

Hel-loooooooooo! Duh! Earth to Fucking Hillary!

They've already got one. Taliban remnants were elected to Pakistan's parliament a couple of years ago. Why the hell do you think Musharraf struck the no-pursuit deal with them?

And where the hell were you when King George XLIII started banging the war drum to go into Iraq, with his bullshit rationale that Saddam could have nukes in as little as ten years?

Pakistan already has 'em. Tested. Deployable. Ready to toss 'em over the border at India, even.

Instead, we went chasing phantom WMDs and a 'grave and growing threat' that turned out to be a scared old man hiding in a basement.

It doesn't take an army of believers to make Pakistan a threat; it takes one believer with a key. Door key, launch key, just the one man in the right place at the right time. If you were Osama bin Laden, do you think you might invest a little time and patience into that one?

Yet, here we are again, on the fourth or fifth iteration of the Bush Administration's sudden fixation on al-Qaeda ��instead of paying attention and focusing on them as we should have done from 9/11 on. It is America who has given them years of breathing space, America who has ignored its ideological leader.

But we're too afraid of shooting a camel in the butt, or undermining Musharraf (who we then later criticize as not being tough enough against al-Qaeda, and further undermine by giving his neighbors a sweetheart deal on nuclear technology) that it's nothing more than a point to quibble over in a lousy debate?


I shouldn't have to mention that, even if she wins the nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton isn't getting my vote. I refuse to vote for a lesser evil, or vote the party line 'just because'. I don't trust Hillary, and I don't share her views.

And here's a question that should be asked at one of these shindigs: "Do you believe measures such as the USA PATRIOT Act, the Protecting America Act, the illegal surveillance enacted by presidential order, and laws effectively modified by President Bush's signing statements are excessive, and will you make it one of your priorities to reassert the Constitutional protections for the American public and adhere to the law?"

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