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Fatal Indulgence

Monday, Jul. 30, 2007 8:44 AM

So we have a former chief of staff to the Vice President convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice. We have an Attorney General who is shaping up to face similar charges. We have other members of the administration standing in defiance of subpeonas.

And yet, the Democratic leadership can't see its way to censure, let alone impeach, George W. Bush.

What more does he have to break? What laws must he ignore, or Constitutional principles must he flaunt before it is determined that he must be held accountable?

This is not about Iraq. This is not about 'getting back' at the GOP for impeaching Bill Clinton. (And if the GOP's lynch-mob fixation with POTUS 42 'broke' the system by inadvertently 'raising the bar' by which we measure presidential incompetence and malfeasance, then it's high time to impose real ethical standards on the highest office in this country.)

It's about accountability. Consider that these people ��Bush, Cheney, and their hand-picked band of sycophantic miscreants ��demonstrate behaviors that we would not tolerate among our friends or in our families. Yet, for some bizarre reason, we accept, even expect this to be the benchmark in Washington, D.C.

Why? Is it a case of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men braying, "You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall!"?

Or is it more fundamental than that, that we have ceded not only our power, but our responsibility as members of the electorate? After all, it's soooooo confusing that we clearly need someone 'scary smart' like Condoleezza Rice to tell us she doesn't know shit. (Didn't know about 9/11. Didn't know about Hamas enjoying public support over Fatah. Didn't know about Katrina.)

Even our media has been reduced to a flock of brainless parrots, following GOP talking points like bread crumbs. And when someone does call this administration on their shit, it's someone like Helen Thomas, the former doyen of the White House press corps, telling Tony Snow he isn't speaking English.

This is not like showing forbearance with an ill-behaved child. There are no opportunities here for Mr. Bush to 'learn how to behave more responsibly,' no hopes that a little adversity will hone his character. He's a grown man with a seriously flawed ethical and moral compass, and no amount of praying to Christ Jesus seems to be yielding any improvement. (God won't clean your room, and He won't do your homework.)



Both of 'em, for crying out loud.

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John - 2007-07-30 14:38:16
ALL of 'em. Let's start from scratch!