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Not That God, This God

Monday, Jul. 16, 2007 2:07 AM

Ante Nedlko Pavkovic, Katherine Lynn Pavkovic, and Christan Renee Sugar are idiots.

That's better than calling them what they claim to be, 'Christians and Patriots.' Because out of their love of Christ Jesus and the American flag, they saw fit to protest the Senate opening prayer on Thursday morning.

Because it was made by a Hindu priest.

"We meditate on the transcendental glory of the Deity Supreme, who is inside the heart of the Earth, inside the life of the sky and inside the soul of the heaven. May He stimulate and illuminate our minds," Rajan Zed prayed.

The protesters and the American Family Association saw fit to call the mere concept of a non-Christian minister offering a prayer an 'abomination.'

Yup. That's right, it wasn't even the words Zed spoke ��it was that he might have invoked a non-Christian deity on the floor of the Senate.

Somehow, the concept that our nation was founded in part on religious freedom continues to escape these clods.

And when Washington, D.C. routinely churns out child molesters, adulterers, and other corrupt sorts, I can't say that reciting Christian prayers or the Pledge of Allegiance has had any measurable inoculatory effect whatsoever.

Case in point: the Bush Administration has not only decided that Harriet Miers will refuse a subpeona to testify before Congress, but similarly, they will refuse to release any documents pertaining to communications in the wake of Army Ranger Pat Tillman's death.

Now, it's marginally believeable that, when Miers wasn't writing lovey-dovey mash notes to President Bush, she might have been privy to national security information. (None of which would have anything to do with the U.S. attorney firings, which is what Congress would like to talk to her about.)

But the Tillman documents? A report on the death of a soldier (any soldier, not just Tillman) protected by the concept of executive privilege because it might reveal that the Administration had reason to believe friendly fire was responsible?

That's not executive privilege, that's covering your worthless, corrupt ass.

The Los Angeles Times has published a report that the majority of insurgents in Iraq are �

��Sunnis from Saudi Arabia.

Not Shiites from Iran, Syria, or Lebanon. Not the local branch of the Osama bin Laden fan club.

White House spokesman Tony Snow wants a 'surge of facts' to give the American public the truth about Iraq? Let's start with this one.

Frankly, if you need a 'surge of facts,' it implies that you haven't been dealing in facts previously, or that
you're going to turn to a favorite tactic of flawed debate ��throw out a mountain of data and argue that critics don't have the full picture.

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Brin - 2007-07-16 06:46:14
It's a sad and ongoing state of affairs to see that there are still so many people referring to themselves as Christians when they are obviously nothing of the kind. Sigh.