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Sending A Message

Friday, May. 11, 2007 1:31 PM

Inevitably, when liberals mention the Bush Administration's thirst for blood and the fact that they have their beady eyes fixed on Tehran, someone like Condi Rice comes forward to wax poetic about how we're all about diplomacy and that all options are on the table.

It was the same comedy routine that presaged our little adventure in Iraq.

"With two carrier strike groups in the Gulf, we're sending clear messages to friends and adversaries alike," Vice-President Dick Cheney told officers and crew aboard the USS John C. Stennis.

A clear message like 'we honestly think we can effectively prosecute a second major regional conflict while having our nuts roasted daily in Iraq'.

"I want you to know that the American people do not support a policy of retreat," Cheney said. "We want to complete the mission, get it done right, and return with honor."

You can't complete the mission if you don't know what it is. Same for 'getting it done right'. It'd be like handing Dubya a power saw and a pile of wood and telling him to buiild a house � he's more likely to cut off a finger than become the next Frank Lloyd Wright.

The New York Times gets a boot to the head for reporting something that never got said.

President Bush remarked that he had instructed White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten to reach 'common ground' with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle over firm goals and benchmarks for progress in Iraq.

"It makes sense to have benchmarks as part of our discussion on how to go forward," Bush says.

The Times promptly reported that as, "Bush Says He's Open To Iraq Bill With Benchmarks."

Hel-fucking-looooooooo! How many times has Mr. Bush pushed this consensus-building act, only to either stand revealed as an intractable tyrant, or to then spin a signing statement that exempts his administration from compliance with the law?

How many times does the media have to be kicked in the teeth? This is the same hogwash that gets played and replayed consistently in the White House Press Room. You'd figure that, having been played as Grade A Jumbo Chumps for the whole, 'We never said imminent,' crapfest, that the media would get a clue.

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