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Unfit For Command

Thursday, May. 03, 2007 12:47 AM

Not satisfied with being the War President, the Education President, the Responsibility President, and the Decider � today, George W. Bush announced that he is the amazing Commander Guy.

Speaking before a construction industry trade group, Bush said, "The question is, 'Who ought to make that decision, the Congress or the commanders? As you know, my position is clear � I'm the commander guy."

No, Sir, you are not. You have neither rank or combat expertise. The president's role as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces exists solely to place the president inside the military chain of command, so that the decision to go to war or order the release of nuclear weapons is not made at a level which the president cannot countermand.

And God forbid, Mr. Bush, that you should have that power at all in light of your 'listening to the generals' and 'working with Congress' ��when you have done neither, insisting on having things your way. No checks, no balances � and, thus, no functional democracy.

Bush's speech once more trotted out the disproven, debunked theory that al-Qaeda was nice and cozy with Saddam, and that Iraq had a role in 9/11 (a connection that Bush himself was forced to admit never existed). Of course, if we quit, they'll follow us home like lost puppy dogs. If we set the goal of no violence, we hand them a victory.

The capper was the moment where Bush declared with that inane laugh and carnival-huckster head bobble, "But slowly but surely, the truth will be known. Either we'll succeed, or we won't succeed."

Logic that only makes sense in the addled brain of America's 43rd president.

A president who, despite reaching an agreement with Congress in January as to following the law and seeking warrants for domestic wiretaps in front of the FISA Court, won't actually pledge that he will continue to do so.

Because Article II of the United States Constitution somehow implies inherent authority to do whatever he pleases.

The Constitution also states that the president must take care that the laws of the nation are faithfully executed, and right now, Mr. Bush is in violation of both FISA and the PRA. He has issued signing statements to fundamentally alter legislation he has put into effect, and also taken away habeas corpus and altered posse comitatus.

George W. Bush is not a man of principles, morals, or high ethical standards. He thinks its funny that our men and women in the National Guard face multiple and extended tours of duty. He is served by advisors who place their political agenda over the welfare of the country, and then claim convenient lapses of memory when caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

That this man deigns to claim leadership of the men and women serving in Iraq at an ever-climbing price sucked out of the nation's coffers and with interest paid in blood is simply disgusting.

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