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How DID These People Get Their Jobs?

Tuesday, May. 01, 2007 2:34 AM

So now that Paul Wolfowitz has had his integrity and judgment questioned, he's whining that he's being picked on. And all because he promoted his girlfriend! Oh, and gave her a raise that brought her salary above that of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Speaking of Condi, you'd think the lady would have the honesty to admit she screwed up. Wait, this is the Bush Administration, the Responsibility President and the Responsibility Era � so, of course she won't admit being asleep at the switch for months while giving Richard Clarke the runaround and George Tenet the cold shoulder.

Meanwhile, Stephen Hadley, Condi's successor as National Security Advisor, is presiding over the hunt for an 'Iraq Czar,' ��like President Bush is suddenly going to listen to anyone other than the divine voices in his cocaine-damaged brain. Why not pick Strollin' John McCain of the Bullshit Express? Y'all deserve one another.

And President Bush is going to veto the latest buy-in for the Iraq War, because it comes with all these pesky timetables and shit. Goddamn it, can't these people see we're winning? (Can't you just see Dubya sitting at the card table convinced he's gonna win big? And shouldn't we have a better foreign policy than 'all in'?)

How is it, exactly, that Randall Tobias, the point person for the Bush Administration's 'abstinence-only' programs wound up in the little black book of the D.C. madam?

Oooooh. Security experts are talking about how yesterday's tanker crash and damage to Interstate 80 proves how vulnerable our infrastructure is.

Altogether now: NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!

Nobody's figured that out until just now?

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Janet - 2007-05-01 23:49:35
The Bush Administration reminds me of this guy I know that marries women because they won't have sex with him unless they are married and he always has affairs on his wife. It's a pattern. I keep wondering why he doesn't just stay single and screw around all he wants. Naw, that wouldn't be logical. It has to be an offical screwing to feed his/their ego.