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He Didn't Know, And They Don't Count

Friday, Apr. 27, 2007 2:48 AM

On Wednesday, the White House claims that President Bush was never told that Army Ranger Pat Tillman had been killed in a friendly-fire incident.

"There's no indication that the president got any word that there was questions surrounding his death, other than what has been reported in the paper," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino explained.

Well, we all know Dubya takes pride in not reading newspapers, and not paying attention to polls.

But the absence of intellectual curiosity simply underlines that we have a functional idiot sitting in the Oval Office. The very things that made Pat Tillman promotable as a convenient hero in the War on Terror would, you might think, get most people asking, "How did it happen?"

Except George W. Bush.

And he is ill-served by a military hierarchy where a top general recommends that his superior at CENTCOM ��General John Abizaid ��advise POTUS that friendly fire was suspected. Surely Abizaid must have told someone, perhaps then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld?

Yet none of this reached the ears of the president?

Then, to add insult to injury Perino explains that Mr. Bush sympathizes with the Tillman family, and that he hopes someone will be found responsible for the whole mess.

Hmmm. Now, why would anyone possibly want to shield the president from bad news like, "Um, sorry, but we, like, pumped Pat Tillman full of bullets"? Could it be that the rumors of Mr. Bush being ill-suited to handle unpleasant bits of reality are true? Nobody told the Commander-in-Chief, the War President, the Decider that there was a colossal fuck-up?

Which only makes this next item even worse.

The Bush Administration is claiming progress in Iraq based on dropping casualty figures among the Iraqi populace.

Except ��they're leaving out the victims of car bombs and suicide bombers.

"If the standard of success is no car bombings or suicide bombings, we have just handed those who commit suicide bombings a huge victory," Mr. Bush explained.

Got that? If we acknowledge that they're actually killing people, the terrorists win!

Personally, I think the terrorists know very well that they're killing people, and that having the American government refuse to acknowledge the numbers is what hands them a victory.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi people get another message loud and clear: that America's leaders don't give a rat's ass about how many of you get blown up in the street. You don't count.

And you count even less when you're dead.

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