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Because They're Not Christian?

Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2007 12:01 AM

It's bad enough that the Army covered up the friendly-fire incident that claimed the life of Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

It's thoroughly disgusting when the senior investigating officer not only declares his lack of commitment to a thorough investigation, but then goes on to suggest that the Tillman family is upset and bitter because they're not Christians.

In an interview with ESPN, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Kauzlarich says, "You know what? I don't think it really matters. And the reason I say that � you got to look at the overall situation here that these guys were fighting in � but I had no issue on not finding a specific person responsible for doing it."

That is, nobody specific did it, and the group as a whole isn't responsible, so I guess Kauzlarich is saying that invisible purple dinosaurs did it.

But Kauzlarich really goes off the deep end when he comments, "I don't know, these people (the Tillman family) have a hard time letting it go. It may be because of their religious beliefs."

"When you die, I mean, there is supposedly a better life, right? Well, if you are an Atheist and you don't believe in anything, if you die, what is there to go to? Nothing. You are worm dirt. So for their son to die for nothing, and now he is no more � that is pretty hard to get your head around that. So I don't know how an atheist thinks. I can only imagine that that would be pretty tough," Kauzlarich explains.

If Pat Tillman died for nothing, it wasn't because the Tillman family doesn't share your twisted view of a glorious death in the service of Christ Jesus, Colonel. He died for nothing because he was failed by his fellow soldiers, and the officers above them. Sacrifice only requires that we believe in something higher and more worthy, and not necessarily a deity or specific faith.

You know. Concepts like Duty, Honor, Country.

Things that seem to be in short supply around the Pentagon and military leaders who are seemingly more worried about basement prayer meetings.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.

Kucinich's website has the full text of H.R. 333 and links to supporting documents.

I'm sure it won't be long before conservative pundits denounce this as a political stunt, partisan hackery, and cast aspersions on Kucinich's patriotism.

But if the Rule of Law demanded that President Bill Clinton be impeached for disgracing the office and lying under oath (which he did) � how can we honestly hold ol' Shotgun Dick to a lower standard? Remember, he testified before the 9/11 Commission in a closed-door session, without being bound by oath, and also to hold George's hand. (And George, when he came out, exhibited signs that he was lying through his teeth every step of the way.)

Cheney continues to cling to disproven claims about Saddam, his WMD's, his ties to al-Qaeda and links to 9/11. He was incorrect in his assumption that we would be greeted as liberators with flowers and candy. And instead of accepting responsibility for his own malfeasance and incompetence, he now seeks to blame Iran for the mess in Iraq.

Just finished Lee Iacocca's new book, "Where Have All The Leaders Gone?" � it's a quick, concise read that asks some common-sense questions about our national priorities, our elected leaders, and our domestic and foreign policies.

Some of those questions are the same ones I've asked on these pages, such as:

� Why aren't we taking the lead on developing alternative energy technologies and, in doing so, not only breaking our dependence on foreign oil, but investing in this country's future on the scientific, economic, and environmental fronts?

� Why are we being so tolerant (complacent, even) of a president and administration that has proven to be incompetent, corrupt, and detrimental to our country's standing?

Nor is the book simply another gripe-fest. Iacocca sketches out some of his ideas about national priorities and addressing items like the national debt and our upward-spiraling trade deficits. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but there's a plain-speaking tone that plays far better than most works of opinion.

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