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Skippy vs. Godzilla

Thursday, Apr. 05, 2007 2:24 AM

Chuck Missley, a leading proponent of Creationism, claims that peanut butter disproves the Theory of Evolution.

According to Missley, evolution makes the claim that life arose from non-living matter purely by random chance. So every so often, a giant peanut butter blob monster thing should leap forth from a recently opened jar of peanut butter �

A cute idea, except that the Theory of Evolution never states life arose from non-living material. A small, tiny distinction that Missley overlooks. Or perhaps it is confusion over his own Christian beliefs that give rise to this error; God drew forth clay to make man, then breathed the divine spark into him.

Yes, all this time, we've been practicing cannibalism. Those hapless jars of peanut butter, millions upon millions sold and consumed by children, are every bit as alive as we are.

They only lack the divine spark.

And today's entry in the Just Who's Supporting The Troops? Department is an observation by MSNBC's Keith Olbermann that the 'surge' calls for deploying units due for training at Fort Irwin in Georgia.

Fort Irwin is where the Army trains soldiers in desert warfare.

And these men and women are now being slated for deployment without that training.

All together now: Just Who's Supporting The Troops?

Despite Mr. Bush chastising the Democratic-majority Congress for being 'on vacation,' it's a good thing they are.

Otherwise, Mr. Bush could never have appointed his good buddy Sam Fox as the new Ambassador to Belgium, after a Senate committee failed to confirm Fox.

Fox was grilled by none other than Senator John Kerry as to the rather sizeable contribution Fox made to a group called Swift Boat Veterans For Truth.

The caliber of the man we have in the Oval Office continues to be clear. Tell him no, and he does it anyway. Tell him it's illegal, and he does it anyway.

Apparently, we're supposed to be outraged because Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wore a scarf during her trip to Damascus.

Never mind that it's a simple show of respect within the culture. It's not like she showed up in a burqa.

It also neglects that even within the Christian faith, it wasn't so long ago (within my lifetime, and I'm not exactly a fossil over here) that women were required to wear veils inside Catholic churches. Or that both First Lady Laura Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have sported veils or scarves during their trips into the region.

It's not even about undermining President Bush. If Bush won't talk to Syria, and Cheney won't talk to Syria, and Rice won't talk to Syria, who would you approach? Perhaps the next person in the legitimate chain of command?

It's also been pointed out that the visit was to help broker peace talks between Israel and Syria ��at Israel's request.

The White House, it seems, gets upset when someone actually does anything resembling work around here.

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