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British Sailors Walk / Family Terrorized By Bicycle Riders

Wednesday, Apr. 04, 2007 3:35 PM

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has announced that the fifteen British sailors held captive for over a week will be released as a 'gift' to the British people.

Ahmadinejad nonetheless maintained that the sailors had violated Iranian waters.

The sailors are expected to be released into the custody of the British Embassy on Thursday morning.

A boot to the head for the 'Critical Mass' bicycle riders who smashed in the windows of a minivan carrying a Redwood City family.

The 'Critical Mass' rides, organized as a show of solidarity amongst those who use bicycles to commute to work and speak out for improved access and rights, occur on the last Friday of each month. When they first started nearly a decade ago, rides were occasionally marred by moments such as last Friday's; inevitably, the ride organizers disavow any knowledge of or responsibility for those participants who step across the line of civilized behavior.

Fair enough, but, as with any protest in the City, when you are aware of the potential, why not police your own group? I'm aware that there is not a legal entity involved, and that donning a safety vest as a 'ride monitor' might, in fact, open a Pandora's Box of legal issues � but this is ridiculous.

Especially when it comes to attacking a family in their car. Nothing, repeat, nothing gives you that right. Not the First Amendment, not all the sunshine and rainbows in liberal la-la land. If a bunch of conservatives trashed your car (or knocked you off your bike) because they were protesting abortion, it's a good bet you'd be screaming about lawsuits and the psychos on the religious right.

Even if there'd been a kid in the back seat flipping you the other national bird, throwing your bike at the back window of the van is entirely out of proportion.

Mayor Gavin Newsom promises to take a 'good look' at the incident, but 'doesn't want to overreact.'

How about standing up and saying that it's wrong (as opposed to 'egregious and aggressive'), period, and your 'good look' will be about making sure it doesn't happen again, and enforcing appropriate consequences for those responsible?

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Brin - 2007-04-05 21:54:44
Gavin and the gang of hippie dippy thugs in charge of San Francisco have now officially overstayed their welcome. If they can't even figure out that a crime was committed against visiting choir members, (in an incident where one of the victims ended up with a smashed jaw,) then why should a Masshole wielding a bake garner any attention at all? After all, an eeevul gas-guzzler was put out of comission, and that's not a bad thing, is it? Meh.