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Honor In Short Supply As Well?

Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2007 1:02 AM

I grew up between wars, so I can't speak from the vantage of having served in our nation's military.

But I'm pretty sure there's something about honor and integrity in there, particularly when you're an officer. Frankly, if you can't be bothered to be honest about the death of a man under your command, you don't deserve that command. Time to hand out some Big Chicken Dinners (BCD's, or Bad Conduct Discharge).

Yes, I'm talking about Pat Tillman, and the fact that nine officers have been pegged for obfuscating the details of the Army Ranger's death ��which turned out to be from friendly fire. Surprisingly, the report calls this negligent, but stops short of calling it criminal. (Crewing a checkpoint with soldiers that include a man who couldn't see clearly because he had the wrong prescription in his glasses, others who didn't know or follow correct procedure � namely, identifying the target, and perhaps several who were admittedly trigger-happy ��that's criminal.)

A quick check of the scorecard gives us an administration that lied about the basis for war, to which we now add a military command hierarchy that lied about the death of Pat Tillman. Throw in an Attorney General who doesn't know what the Constitution says, and it's not a pretty picture.

Speaking of delusions, Sen. John McCain apparently believes that there are parts of Baghdad that one can go for a stroll through, no problem.

CNN's Michael Ware, reporting from Baghdad, asked Wolf Blitzer just what part of Neverland the good senator was talking about. Go for a stroll? Ware says you'd be lucky to last twenty minutes.

White House Spokesman Tony Snow received some unpleasant news ��in the course of minor surgery to remove a potentially cancerous growth, doctors informed him that his cancer has metastasized and spread to his liver. Snow has said he hopes to return to his job regardless.

However, I doubt windbags like Rush Limbaugh will be talking about how Snow should stay home and rest, or that if Snow should return to work, how it's all being done for politics, shame, shame.

Which makes me wonder if Limbaugh's comments were because Elizabeth Edwards is a Democrat � or because she's a woman.

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