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UK Sailors Captured By Iran

Friday, Mar. 23, 2007 1:29 PM

In the midst of the domestic furor over fired U.S. Attorneys and President Bush's threat to veto the very spending bill that would continue funding the war in Iraq (said bill deemed unacceptable by the Decider as it contains 'timetables'), comes word that fifteen British sailors have been taken captive at gunpoint by Iranian forces.

The HMS Cornwall had patrols running against smuggling operations. Upon stopping a boat believed to be smuggling cars, the sailors, who were unarmed, were taken captive.

A spokesman for the U.S. Navy says that the Revolutionary Guard is responsible.

It's not the lie, it's the squirming about to keep people from uncovering the lie.

In this case, White House Spokesman Tony Snow made the amazing pronouncement that Congress has no oversight authority over the White House. (I think Sen. Byrd needs to distribute some of his pocket versions of the U.S. Constitution to these clowns.)

Previously, Snow had dismissed the value of having White House staff members under oath and on the record. Ironically, a column that Snow had written during the Clinton Presidency ��in which Snow denounced the attempts by President Clinton to qualify advice and counsel under executive privilege ��was brought to light, not only showing the benefit of a written record, but of the blatant double standard that the Bush Administration believes is their due.

And it's disgusting that the very Administration that tells us we have nothing to fear from wiretaps and other provisions of the USA-PATRIOT Act if we're doing nothing wrong ��seek to dodge scrutiny when it's their asses on the burner.

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