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Subpoena Karl Rove

Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2007 11:48 PM

Inevitably, when President Bush holds a news conference, you just know he's going to cut loose with a humdinger.

Like offering access to Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, and others � as long as it's behind closed doors, not under oath, and not recorded.

It's already been established that the firings of eight U.S. Attorneys was not a question of performance, and both the White House and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have been caught in a lie. So why on Earth would anyone accept an offer of having Karl Rove where he can spin more bullshit and not be held accountable?

But Bush is out there saying he'll vigorously defend his people against subpoenas, which would interfere with his right to private counsel.

Sorry, not buying it.

And try this one on for size:

President Bush announces his amazing New Way Forward and says a 'surge' of 21,500 troops is the plan that has the greatest chance of success. We're told we have to be patient, that it's going to take months for the surge to have any effect.

So, why, exactly, has there already been talk of an additional 8,500 troops, then an additional 21,000?

Wouldn't that mean the plan is already failing?

Of course, we don't actually have a new strategy. We have the same strategy, and
the expectation that its failing lies solely in an insufficient number of troops.

Except when the surge was being sold to the American public, it was explained that progress in Iraq was being stymied by unexpected chaos, or too much chaos, or similar nonsense.

We're also back to 'timelines are bad'. The New Way Forward was supposed to call for an active committment from the Iraqis, with 'benchmarks'. Yet, when the Democrats put those very same benchmarks into legislation, well, now they're a bad thing, because that tells the enemy they just have to wait us out.

It's clear that the Bush Administration hasn't a clue as to what they're doing, or even an accurate assessment of the threats and conditions we're facing in Iraq.

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