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Alberto On The Run / Why Dubai?

Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2007 12:35 AM

As Alberto Gonzales' travails grow more dramatic, it has been stated that none other than Karl Rove was whispering in 'Berto's ear as to who to lower the boom on.

Rove is described as being a conduit to the White House. That's sufficiently vague to either mean Rove has been demoted to message boy as opposed to an ex cathedra spokesman. If the former, however, one must ask, for whom Rove was serving as a conduit. That is, if he's nothing but a pipeline, who will we find pissing into it on the far end?

In the meantime, the media is treating this like it's The Most Shocking Thing Ever, when ��as people who have been actually paying attention, Alberto Gonzales has shown that he's only interested in protecting the Bush Administration. When the lead attorney for the United States of America defends torture, supports the rescinding of habeas corpus, and changes to posse comitatus, there's something inherently wrong, and the media has consistently shrugged and then gone on to blather about Anna Nicole Smith, or whatever mindless drivel is available to distract the American public from the fact that we are not being well-served by the Bush Administration.

There's also talk now that the Democrats are going to pull back on their rhetoric about stopping Bush from spreading his War on Terrorism to Iran � so that they can focus on Iraq.

Here's a dollar, buy yourselves a fucking clue.

There's nothing to focus on. Iraq really is as bad as it looks, and it's not going to get better if you stare at it real hard.

The problem is not Iraq, but with the leadership that took us there, a president who insists on surges, complains that we really haven't given his plan a chance to succeed, and says he'd veto a bill that contains elements of that very same plan � because it includes restrictions on how America will proceed from here.

There's no mistaking events in Iraq for anything other than what they are ��the slow decimation of our troops and a steadily increasing drain on our military resources. It's the Bush Administration that continues to spin and dodge and talk about how things are really better than they seem. It's just one bombing a day that has us confused.

While most folks are looking at Halliburton's announcement that they're moving their corporate headquarters to Dubai and talking about freedom from regulation and possibly a way to dodge lawsuits for their fraudulent handling of no-bid contracts in Iraq, I'm wondering about something else.

What, exactly, did we gain from Dubai that has us chomping at the bit to give them sweetheart deals?

Remember, we were ready to sell off operation of American ports to Dubai Ports World, a deal cut quickly and without proper review. We were told that there was nothing untoward about that. We were told it was simply acting in good faith with one of our partners in the Middle East.

Now a major company is moving its corporate headquarters to Dubai. Again, it includes subsidiaries and contracts closely linked to our national defense and security.


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