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Can't Stop The Surge

Tuesday, Jan. 09, 2007 9:36 AM

Over the weekend, I mentioned the efforts of one blogger to direct advertisers' attention to KSFO's conservative talk-show hosts, including Brian Sussman's, "Prove to me you're not an Islamist. Say, 'Allah is a whore," � and questioning whether or not major sponsors want their products associated with this particular invective.

ABC/Disney, which owns KSFO, had filed a cease-and-desist letter against the ISP which hosted the site Spocko's Brain, and Spocko was taken off the web.

He's baaaaaack.

Someone ought to tell Cindy Sheehan that this is how to run an effective protest.

As if planning to add more troops to the meat grinder that is Iraq wasn't enough, comes the second air strike by American forces in Somalia.

So, just to be clear on things, Mr. President:

Do we have a fucking plan for what we're doing there?

You know, simple things like the questions Congress should have asked before handing you the Authorization for a Massive Fuckup that you undoubtedly believe gives you the right to drop bombs anywhere, anytime.

'Cause, like, you're the Decider. You clearly showed your old man who knew which side was up in Iraq, and I guess you're gonna show ol' Bill Clinton that you have Somalia all sussed out. An airstrike avoids that whole pinned-on-the-ground deal that happened in Mogadishu, after all.

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Advance spin about the New Path Forward is that the new plan was devised chiefly by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri "I Hate My Job" al-Maliki, and that President Bush has confidence that al-Maliki will provide Iraqi troops and crackdown � oh, rapture; oh, joy � on Shiite militias.

Isn't this what we did in Afghanistan? We started bad-mouthing Pervez Musharraf, expressing doubts as to his commitment, insisting he had to do more to fight terrorism � it makes me wonder if there's a memo with Stephen Hadley's signature on the good General, as well.

So we're launching a battle plan based not on the military commanders who told Bush what to do with his surge (and were dismissed for doing so), and going instead on a gut feeling about a guy who the National Security Advisor openly criticized as weak and ineffective in a memo.

Yeah, that'll fly.

When it comes to tomorrow's likely announcement of watering the Tree of Liberty with Someone Else's Blood, the media is pointing out that Bush may not give a shit if the Democrats turn off the money spigot.

Because a) he's the Decider (i.e., he'll order it anyway), and b) you have to support the troops that are already there. And, of course, there are folks like Sen. Joe Lieberman, who are singing the 'we can't afford to lose' chorus.

Of course, White House Spokesman Tony Snow suggested that the Democratic victory in November wasn't about the war in Iraq, but about the rampant corruption in Congress. (Hey, Tony, either way � that's the Republicans.)

It should also be noted that a citizens' group has posted a photo of President Bush, taken in 2003, posing with Jack "I Don't Remember If I Met Him" Abramoff.

In order to avoid such unpleasant revelations like Abramoff's almost daily visits to the White House, the Bush Administration has sealed the visitor logs. We're not allowed to know who comes and goes. So decideth the Decider.

What was that about corruption, Tony?

A small restaurant in Vallejo, The Good Day Cafe, burned to the ground Sunday night. The restaurant was located at the Quality Inn just off Interstate 80 at Tennessee Street, and offered a fabulous breakfast.

Apparently, the stove had been left on and ignited to-go containers and bags that were nearby.

Of course, this makes two really good restaurants that have seen misfortune in the last year or so. Linn's, down in Cambria, California, also had a fire last year. (Although, because Linn's was closed, we did discover a smaller restaurant that served Danish abelskivers ... ball-shaped pancakes. Yum.)

Anyway, I wish the owner of Good Day luck with rebuilding, if she chooses to.

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