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Idiot Roundup

Thursday, Nov. 09, 2006 2:17 PM

Cindy Sheehan got arrested again, this time for blocking the driveway at the White House on Election Night. Leading a group of about 50 protesters, she carried petitions bearing the signatures of 80,000 Americans, voicing their opposition to the war in Iraq.

For some reason, no one in the White House had the time on Election Night to come out and speak to Sheehan. After waiting all of fifteen minutes, Cindy tossed the petitions over the fence.

"It was taking too long for them to decide whether to accept them or not, so we just delivered them," Sheehan said.

Cindy, I doubt you or any of your starry-eyed followers are reading this, but the moment you threw those petitions over the fence, they became something other than a statement against the war.

They became trash.

The President lied to the media � and thus, to the nation ��by asserting that Donald Rumsfeld would remain as Secretary of Defense through the remainder of President Bush's term. He explained that the only way to move on to another question was to give the false answer.

Open admission that the President has lied, once again. (Two others of note are finally admitting that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, and Mr. Bush's insistence that he's never been a stay-the-course kinda guy.)

Speaking of all that strategemizing that must surely go on behind closed doors at the White House, the advantage of 'stay the course' was that it was a simple enough phrase for Bush to manage.

But President Bush assures us that, "(And) I'm assessing, as well, all the time, by myself, about, do we have the right people in the right place, or do we -- got the right strategy?"

Conservative talking head Laura Ingraham gets the jumbo-sized boot-to-the-head for telling her listeners on Election Day to jam the Democratic Party's National Voter Assistance phone line.

Conservative views are all well and good. Disputing the existence of election fraud is a perfectly valid opinion, even though it's one that is poorly supported when Diebold has instructions for defeating their machines' firmware printed on the circuit boards.

But idiot pranks like this put you on the same level as Cindy Sheehan.

The Ministry has received 1 comment(s) on this topic.

Brin - 2006-11-09 17:21:50
It seems like Bush doesn't actually speak anymore; all we get are a sequence of blurts.