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What I Meant Was Not What You Thought You Heard Me Say

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006 3:02 PM

So, after months of repeating the slogan, 'stay the course,' the Bush Administration now says that doesn't mean what people think it means. What it really means is that we'll adjust our strategy to fit the situation.

Or at least adjust our talking points.

Timetables, which Bush has previously heaped scorn upon as Democratic folly, are now the next step. Except that this call for timetables, or benchmarks, is entirely without teeth � we'd like Iraq to solve the problem of sectarian violence, but if they fail to meet a specified date, there are no adverse consequences � no reduction in force or support, no project or policy contingent upon progress.

And Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki refutes any and all timetables, period. He attributes the talk as posturing driven by the election.

Bush cautioned that America's patience is not unlimited � but then, there's that stay the course issue again, where Bush repeatedly, insistently, proudly proclaimed that we will finish the job. We're not leaving before that, and when we do, we'll leave a free Iraq behind.

Or freely leave Iraq on its behind.

Al-Maliki also voiced concern over an American raid upon al-Sadr city, the stronghold of Moqtada al-Sadr's religious militia. The cleric, despite his contributions to the insurgency, is a major power broker in the Iraq government.

And in, perhaps, the silliest comment about redefining the meaning of 'stay the course,' White House Spokesman Tony Snow called it, 'a study in motion.'

Would that be like a dog chasing its tail? Plenty of motion there, too, but the goal ain't entirely clear, and it's debatable whether or not the dog is actually making any progress.

Conservative windbag Rush Limbaugh can't even admit he's wrong.

When actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, taped commercials for two Democratic candidates for Senate, Limbaugh accused Fox of holding off on his medication to make his symptoms worse, or of exaggerating the problem, since, like, he's an actor.

But, if he's an actor, why would he have to cut back on his meds?

When Limbaugh's remarks were pointed out as erroneous, unkind, and insensitive, he apologized.

Then he immediately accused Fox of being exploited by Democrats.

The Ministry has received 1 comment(s) on this topic.

Brin - 2006-10-25 18:53:11
Well, by his "logic", one could also very easily conclude that Rush Limbaugh has been exaggerating about his hearing difficulties just so he wouldn't get in trouble for doctor shopping. After all, he's still on the radio, and isn't that the first branch of the media that is usually given up by anybody who is deaf / HoH? :-)