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Wednesday, Aug. 09, 2006 12:36 PM

Funny how the concept of letting Israel off its leash for a week or two, to bring Hezbollah to heel and cap off its ability to respond as a military force, is now heading for its second month.

In the meantime, the Lebanese government still won't talk to Condi Rice ��we had to send Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, and Prime Minister Saniora said no progress came of the meeting.

But I'm curious - at what point will Israel's actions qualify as terrorism? I'd think you can only sell the 'Hezbollah spreads out among the civilian population' for so long.

Yes, Lebanon failed to meet the terms of the agreement calling for disarmament. They kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Where's the part that says, "... so Israel gets to invade and claim part of Lebanon as a buffer zone."?

Where is the leadership from the Bush Administration? Where are the voices of sanity?

Oh, that's right, they're all still jacking off to thoughts of the Rapture.

There's a big difference between the End Times coming about because they are inevitable, and the End Times coming about because folks are busy looking for the face of God in the midst of violence.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, after losing to Ned Lamont in the Connecticut primary election, has decided to run as an independent, because, obviously, 52% of the voters must be mistaken.

Earlier on Tuesday, Lieberman's campaign had accused Lamont supporters of 'hacking their website' on election day, executing a denial-of-service attack. But now, apparently, the source of the problem has become clear: the Lieberman campaign was using a cheap hosting service that couldn't handle the bandwidth.

Consequently, the Lieberman campaign has retracted their charges that Lamont supporters were in any way responsible. (According to Lamont's blog, the Lamont campaign not only offered to send a technician out, but hosted a Google cache of the Lieberman website on their own.)

It's a little premature to suggest that photographer Adnan Hajj was stumping for Hezbollah by altering images of the conflict between Lebanon and Israel, but Reuters has pulled all of his 920 photographs from their service ��even though the altered photos are within the last few weeks.

Hajj is being anything but honest. He claims a doctored image of an Israeli airstrike had 'dust marks' that he wanted to remove. Somehow, that task resulted in darker and greater amounts of smoke.

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