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Sustainable Hatred / Bad Journalism

Monday, Jul. 31, 2006 9:48 AM

Apparently, 'halting airstrikes' for 48 hours after killing nearly 60 Lebanese civilians meant Israel would pause to watch an episode of 48 Hours, and then go back to bombing after the commercial breaks.

It should be noted that Israel is party to the problem of achieving a "sustainable cease-fire," as twin geniuses George W. Bush and Tony Blair call it.

I'm actually waiting for Condi Rice to make her usual, "I don't think anyone knew �" comment. (She, along with others in the Bush Administration, thought the Fatah party would win Palestinian elections, instead of Hamas, despite polls suggesting otherwise. It makes you wonder if George rolled his own, combining his alleged disregard for polls and a healthy snort of magic democracy dust.)

And funny how the United Nations, often painted by conservatives as outmoded and useless, is now our best hope for achieving anything in the region. Kofi Annan, who has been criticized as well, is now in the position of being right � that an immediate cease-fire is the first step.

Not a cease-fire when we think one side has had the shit beat out of them.

It's odd how President Bush can make speeches about how terrorists stay up late at night, dreaming up new ways to harm our country, how they're the enemies of freedom around the world ... and then believe oppression will slow them down for even a second.

As of this writing, it should be noted that CNN, quick to hail the discovery of an ancient book of psalms as timely and perhaps an indication of the end times, has said nothing about the correction by the National Museum of Ireland, which points out the text was an older form of the Bible, predating the King James version, and thus, assumptions that the text spoke of Israel beset by her enemies were incorrect. (A search for 'CNN' and 'psalm 83' on both Google and the CNN website was made to confirm this item.)

ABC and MSNBC, who also reported the mistaken reference, have acknowledged the correction.

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