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Alas, Poor Kenny. I Knew Him Not, Horatio.

Thursday, Jul. 06, 2006 12:01 AM

It seems President Bush isn't going to waste any political capital on the dead.

Q One other quick question. What has been the President's reaction to the death of Ken Lay?

MR. SNOW: I really haven't talked to him about it. I'll give you my own personal reaction, which is when somebody dies you leave behind those who grieve and I think they deserve our compassion. But I don't know, what do you think would be the appropriate thing to say?

Q I don't know. I don't know him. The President was his friend, not me.

MR. SNOW: No, the President has described Ken Lay as an acquaintance, and many of the President's acquaintances have passed on during his time in office. Again, I think -- it's sort of an interesting question, but not answerable by me.

But, no, I guess Dubya is too busy pumping his own bilge to worry about Kenny-Boy's.

And I'm waiting for the press to stop bowing and scraping before Tony Snow, who routinely tells them what they're saying, thinking, and doing ... then answers the questions he tells them they asked.

Enough of this political and journalistic osteoporosis.

And obviously Kim Jong Il doesn't particularly care what George W. Bush has to say. Undeterred by being classified as part of an Axis of Evil, North Korea's leader seems quite serious about developing both nuclear arms (which they claim to already possess) and an intercontinental ballistic missile.

But all that our elected representatives can do is smirk at how the missile's apparent failure means it's no big deal. Ha, ha, look at those stupid North Koreans, they can't build a missile!

Kind of like shrugging off intelligence reports suggesting al-Qaeda wanted to strike at the United States, or that they were considering hijacking planes.

And why are we laughing at a guy who may have a workable intercontinental ballistic missile and who has threatened direct retaliation against the United States? What was that line about not wanting proof in the form of a mushroom cloud?

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Brin - 2006-07-06 03:04:29
Even if North Ko's missiles all failed or whatever, so what? Lots of OURS failed at first, too. This is only the beginning, and sanctions will do nothing but punish the populace. Kim Jong Il is a crazy f*ck who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on cognac while his people are starving. I think it's okay to be crazy back, if need be.