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A-boom Mess-of al-Zarqawi?

Friday, Jun. 09, 2006 12:59 AM

For a guy who had two 500-pound bombs dropped on his head, the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi looks pretty good.

It's a pity, of course, that turning his hiding place into rubble likely destroyed any useful documents, and possibly any laptops and assorted electronics. And if those are civilians picking through the rubble, well, forget about salvaging anything useful.

I'm being a curmudgeon, because, frankly, anyone who thinks this puts CLOSED on the al-Qaeda account in Iraq is fooling themselves.

Please note that al-Zarqawi wasn't in a bunker. Saddam wasn't in a bunker. His sons weren't in a bunker. Osama wasn't in his mountain hideaway.

And I'd wager none of the intelligence leading to al-Zarqawi's location came from illegal wiretaps. (Imagine that you're al-Zarqawi. The American media is flapping their gums about wiretaps. Are you really going to drop a dime on someone in the States? Yeah, I didn't think so.)

Lastly, it will be interesting to see the spin that gets applied to this. I mean, the White House couldn't even make up its mind about the relevance or importance of Osama bin Laden. Terrorism is like a blackberry bush; worse than a weed, the blackberry sends tendrils all over. Got blackberry in your back yard? Trust me, you'll find it sticking its head up in your front yard, your side yard, your neighbors' yard �

It's only a matter of time (if Mogadishu isn't bad enough) before another weed pops up on the radar.

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