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Fences & Faults

Thursday, Apr. 20, 2006 1:13 AM

In the wake of a teenager's accidental death upon the CalTrain tracks, the inevitable questions about safety fences have been raised.

Not to sound callous, but train tracks are dangerous. They are neither shortcuts nor playgrounds, nor dog runs.

A safety fence is not a substitute for common sense.

Not unexpectedly, the shakeups presaged by various pundits got off to a roaring start, with the resignation of Scott McClellan as White House spokesthug, and Karl Rove's stepping down from a policy roll (he's got elections to fix, no doubt).

And President Bush's ratings are still in the tank.

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article describing Bush as the worst president in American history, complete with a caricature of chimp-lipped Bush sitting in the corner, crowned with a dunce cap.

I'm not sure whether to parody Simon and Garfunkel:

All lies and jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest ...

... or to quote Shakespeare.

The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars,
But in ourselves ...

(Astute readers may point out that the Shakespeare quote is incomplete, and continues on to say, "... that we are underlings," - which is still a fair assessment of one of Bush's problems, as he's convinced reality should dance to his tune as the Decider, the War President, the Peace President, the Education President, or whatever role he claims this week.)

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John - 2006-04-21 13:50:42
Re: the train track death... well, you can't legislate Natural Selection, so it really IS up to the parents to actually put in some time raising their kids, and teaching them simple, common sense things. I spent many a childhood hour down by the railroad tracks in my neck of town, and never once thought of crossing WHILE A TRAIN WAS COMING! Jesus wept! How stupid can you get?! It's getting more and more upsetting to fact the fact that as bad a President as John Kerry would have been, he would have been relatively flawless compared to how bad Bush has become.