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Howard Dean's House of Waffles

Thursday, Mar. 16, 2006 12:00 AM

In yesterday's entry, I denounced the Democrats' waffling and spinelessness in backing Sen. Russ Feingold's resolution calling for the censure of President Bush in regards to his illegal actions in authorizing wiretaps outside the scope of FISA and USA PATRIOT.

Subsequently, I paid a visit to the Democratic National Committee homepage, whereupon one can find links to everything but a statement on Feingold's resolution. Not national. Not local. Nary a word from Howard Dean.

I promptly voiced my disapproval via a feedback form.

I should have known better. I did this once when Dean was making his abortive run for the presidency. I fired off some constructive criticism and spent the next few months trying to get off Dean's spam list.

This morning, I got a form letter from the DNC, advising me of a petition that isn't as much supportive of Russ Feingold as it is about denouncing Sen. Wayne Allard for his comment that Feingold, "... time and time again (sided) with the terrorists."

Still nothing on the front page. Still a deafening silence over a resolution that Barack Obama must surely have read by now.

But the DNC had the unmitigated gall to ask me for a contribution.

For what?

For your continued fucking spineless waffling and weaseling? For the complete absence of any party unity or coherent leadership?

Stand up and fight, damn it! Focus on the issue: President Bush broke the law. Don't you dare roll over and let Alberto Gonzales' specious arguments carry the day!

And while I'm handing out boots-to-the-head, here are two for the media.

1. At what point will enough Iraqi citizens be killed to qualify as a civil war? Please remember that the American Civil War involved a stable, established government; Iraq doesn't - so the benchmark of legitimate government vs. an opposing faction is questionable.

Bear in mind, also, that key figures in government and the military have been assassinated or killed by insurgent attacks.

This is a civil war. It sure as hell isn't untidiness.

2. In reporting on the House investigation that has found FEMA Director Michael Brown ignored a National Response Plan, the media has failed to ask why nobody else was, either. On top of that, the Republican chair of the investigative panel pompously suggested that FEMA needs an overhaul, but the NRP might not.

So why didn't anyone else follow the plan?

As I've said previously, the disaster response plan should be designed to function automatically, with director-level personnel to declare lower levels of response sufficient - not roll out the door with minimums and then play the If We Had Known game when your ass is being flooded out.

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Rumblelizard - 2006-03-16 10:44:19
I saw your Firefly quote in Zon's diary and was curious, and now I find you're another fellow traveler on the road to Political RantLand. I've been railing against the spineless Dems lately too. Did you read Molly Ivin's most recent column addressing this very topic? If you haven't, it's a thing of beauty. I don't usually do this, but my diary key is thus: username - thunder password - lizard. Stop on by. It's shiny.